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CQ Worldwide DX Contest, RTTY   2017   Sep 23   Claimed Score

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Call: WT2P
Operator(s): WT2P
Station: WT2P

Class: SO(A)AB HP
Operating Time (hrs): 30.5
Location: USA
Radios: SO2R  

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Total:68212411550Total Score344,199


Club: Society of Midwest Contesters

Comments:     [email]     2017-09-24 18:10:36
TLDR: I did better than I set out to do and I am very excited.. If you're interested in the details, they're below. It was nice to work several SMC members. There were a couple members who sent me GO SMC but I couldn't send it back because I had a QSO ongoing on the other radio but I tried my best. Also, a lot of WWYC members were on, especially from Europe (CR5V, etc.) - thanks for the shoutout! I worked a few of you on several bands, K9CT on 80-15 and N2BJ on 80-20.. I'm sorry if I forgot anyone else on that but thank you. Long Version, Academy Award speech type: WOW. This is my personal best ever in *ANY* RTTY contest. Second best to my close to 800 CW contacts contest, which was my personal best using wires ever. I more than quadrupled last year's score of 73,112. I spent a lot of time and effort over the summer to prepare for the fall contest season, including preparing for high power SO2R and adding all the necessary behind the scenes plumbing. With the exception of a minor hiccup around noon Saturday, everything performed to my expectations. I have some notes and some additional filtering to buy, especially for 80M. A big thanks to AB9YC and ND9G, even though they were low power, I saw their scores on the online scoreboard and that made me rethink my strategy early Sunday AM. Highlights: Friday PM: My mood was just to try to run em... Had a good run (i think, I was also partying). Didn't focus on mults. Sat AM: Missed the VK/ZL and EU opening, but managed to pop on 15 while it was open to EU. This would be slightly less than half of my meager 15M contacts. Sat Noon: Stupid WT2P and bad station design bit me in the butt. Fixed and ready to go by 1900Z. Sat Afternoon: Still loafing around, S&P and running anyone, no focus on mults. Grilled a steak. After dinner, focused on getting mults on 80, realizing this is the last call for 80. Got a lot of missing states. Very little DX with this antenna. This was the time I doubled my score from last year (73,112 361Q's). I was at < 300 Q's at this point if i recall right (probably not) Sat Evening: Got serious once I saw I was behind ND9G in LP category. Stayed up til 1AM to pull ahead. Sun Morning: Darn, missed the VK/ZL opening AGAIN. But -- right in time for 80/40. 7300 with amp on 40, KX3 on 80 made up for a lot of lost mults. Started out on 80/40, then 40/20, then 20/15, switching to catch any laggards on 40. Sunday was MULT DAY. Did a good effort. Sunday Afternoon: 4X last years score at 292,448 and at an all time new RTTY QSO count for a contest from here with my wires. VE5MX in the last hour came back to beat me in the online scoreboard for #10 North America HP. 10M: Opened up late Sunday and heard HP2, but no way I would get through that pileup. Only station I heard. Stats: - 1 ATNO (C37NL) - Several new mode countries - A couple new band countries 145 Run Qso's, 537 S&P Q's 174 2nd radio Q's (all LP) 73, WT2P