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ARRL 160-Meter Contest   2017   Dec 1   Claimed Score

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Call: W1NN
Operator(s): W1NN
Station: W1NN

Class: Single Op LP
Operating Time (hrs): 8.0
Location: USA
Remote operation

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Total:QSOs557Sections70Countries6Total Score86,260


Club: Mad River Radio Club

Comments:     [email]     2017-12-05 00:28:44
Lots of fun operating this one on and off over a weekend. I operated my station in Ohio from my apartment in downtown Tokyo. The contest begins at 7AM my time so it is a totally daytime event for me. If I wanted to put in the hours for a full time operation, it would not have upset my sleeping schedule at all. But with a dipole and 100 watts, my station is not competitive in a DX contest, so I tried to put in a good effort and still have time for other weekend activities. The remote has been working pretty well, but around once a minute the connection hiccups and there is a blank of half a second or so. When this happens when someone is sending their call or exchange, I have to ask for a repeat, even if that station is 20 over 9. It must be puzzling to some stations when I have to ask for such repeats. Conditions seemed pretty good to me and the noise level was low. Some have mentioned that W6 was weak and lacking in activity this year but I found quite a few W6 stations and they were hearing me better than they normally do. I missed LAX, ORG and SB but worked EB, SF, SCV, SCJ, SV and SDG, so for me that's doing pretty well. OTOH, this year it was a little harder than usual to work the far northwest and BC. Overall, I worked 47 states, missing ND, AK and HI. Never heard any of them. As for sections, in addition to the above, I missed NNY (same as SS), PR, WTX, EWA, NL, SK and NT. Good efforts from NP2X and NP2J despite the problems they've had recently. I was hoping that VY1AAA might be active but if they were on I did not hear them. It's pretty tough for me to work EU on 160 and I don't make any special efforts to look for EU stations, but this time I noticed that UX1UA, UW2M, EA5RS and EA7KW were pretty loud. When I heard them during the 02Z hour on Sunday, there were few callers but they couldn't hear me. But the two French stations that I called came back right away. This contest is a mix of working old friends and new (to me) stations that are not very active in other contests, so it's a lot of fun. It's amazing just how much activity there is on this band today. I always think back to the 1950's when LORAN pretty much made this band useless, at least to stations in Northern Ohio where I lived. It's so much better today!