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Louisiana QSO Party   2017   Mar 18   Claimed Score

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Call: NO5W
Operator(s): NO5W W5TUF
Station: NO5W

Class: RoverMixed LP
Operating Time (hrs): 10
Location: In State/Province

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BandCW-Dig QsPh QsCW-Dig MultsPh Mults
Total:4617834Total Score162,946


Club: Jefferson ARC

Comments:     [email]     2017-03-21 11:27:44
K3/100, HI-Q 4/80 antenna, 2002 Pathfinder, CQ/X, Streets & Trips 2013 This year Jim-W5TUF remarked at a club meeting that there were many parts of Louisiana that he had not seen. We quickly developed a travelog for him and fortunately he agreed to travel along with me in the LA QP, originally to share the driving and operating but as it turned out he did all of the driving and I did all of the operating -- next year we'll definitely get him to take a turn in the operating seat. Many thanks to Jim for doing an excellent job of getting us around the 450+ miles of the route with only two "diversions". This was a QSO Party adventure that had a rather rough start. Everything had been successfully checked out Friday before the party but, since I prefer not to leave the K3 installed in the vehicle overnight in my neighborhood, Saturday morning just before sunrise found me installing the K3 by the light of the vehicle dome light. Having done this installation many times I can do it in the dark but this time I managed to miss the power pole plug, not entirely but in such a way that the red side of the supply got plugged into the black side of the radio. At the time I did not realize my mistake and went happily across Lake Ponchatrain to pick up Jim. And away we went to complete the setup of the station on the way to our first parish - Washington. Ah, what's this no power to the radio? Checking out the connection, the error of my installation was apparent but of course the error had blown a fuse in the supply. By this time it was about 10 minutes before the start and I could not remember where my spare fuses were since they are rarely needed. Fortunately there are two circuits from the supply, one (now dead) dedicated to the radio, and the other dedicated to supplying the logging laptop, an RS-232 GPS, and the antenna controller. Fortunately the Rig Runner connected to the second circuit had a spare 25A slot so I was able to power the radio from that connection. Unfortunately in the confusion we had missed our first turn so we had some back tracking to do. After that things went smoothly and we were able to activate all of the planned parishes and even made it to our appointed beer and pizza date with Dallas-K1DW and Ted-KN5O at the end on time. The QSO party was painfully slow during the morning and early afternoon but picked up later in the day. Conditions were strange, especially on 20m where we had openings to Europe and Japan at the same time. We rarely work any JAs in our QSO party rovering trips but this time JO7WXN went in the log in seven different parishes. Here are some stats. The following parishes were activated with indicated results: Column Legend 1. County name 2. Number of QSOs from county 3. Initial ten-minute rate 4. First station in log Column [1] [2] [3] [4] St.Tammany 53 126 KQ3F Jefferson 42 96 W8WVU E.Feliciana 31 54 KA7T Acadia 25 96 ON4AAC PointeCoupee 24 66 DL3DXX St.John 23 96 W8WVU Lafayette 22 78 DL3DXX Orleans 21 108 WB0PYF W.Feliciana 21 72 AA8R Washington 20 42 W0EAR Avoyelles 20 66 WA4KSO St.Charles 19 108 W6OUL St.Helena 18 96 KE0TT W.BatonRouge 17 24 JO7WXN St.Martin 17 66 DL3DXX Vermilion 17 78 DL3DXX E.BatonRouge 16 72 WB0PYF Tangipahoa 15 54 KQ3F Iberville 15 78 DL3DXX Evangeline 14 48 KQ3F Ascension 11 48 JO7WXN St.Landry 9 36 KQ3F St.James 9 48 N2CQ Rapides 5 12 KE0TT From this you can see that Dietmar-DL3DXX was tracking us close enough using the APRS display that he managed to be first in the log in 5 parishes. A close second in that statistic was KQ3F. During the party we worked 156 different stations and thank each of them for the Qs. Special thanks go to the following stations who contributed more than half the contacts: N2CQ(24), KQ3F(18), K0HNC(18), DL3DXX(17), N6MU(16), WB0PYF(13), WA8ZBT(12), AD1C(12), W0ZQ(11), W8WVU(10), KC3X(9), JO7WXN(9), K7ZYV(8), N4JT(8), KE0TT(8), WE7G(7), W7GF(7), W4SIG(7), N5PR(7), K4AMC(7), K0DEQ(6), K8MR(6), YV5OIE(5). There may be some dupes in those results. Even with the slow start and conditions that were not the greatest, it was a fun party. Our next one, the MS QP, is coming up soon where Skip-W5GAI and I will be sharing the driving and operating. So please listen for us operating NO5W in a number of southern counties in Mississippi on April 1. 73 Chuck-NO5W Jim-W5TUF