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CQ WPX RTTY Contest   2018   Feb 10   Claimed Score

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Call: CR5V
Operator(s): M5RIC
Station: CR5V

Class: SOAB HP
Operating Time (hrs): 30
Location: Southern Europe
Radios: SO2R  

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Total:2719Prefixes883Total Score9,613,221


Club: Worldwide Young Contesters

Comments:     [email]     2018-02-12 00:27:38
What great fun! Running 2BSIQ keeps your mind focused and can you see why it's such a game changer in contests. If you want to be competitive and win, this is the only way - see videos of N6MJ(ZF1A) or CT1BOH(CR3OO). The time you would normally be waiting for someone to reply you are making another QSO/CQing on another band. It certainly keeps you mentally active and brain engaged! My thanks once again to Fil CT1ILT and Jose CT1CJJ for letting me use their great station. Understanding propagation made the second trip more successful and hopefully future trips even better too. The hardest thing I found about the contest was trying to plan when to take the off time. You need to be either on 40M or 80M and if you can, be working outside of EU. At best if you can be running NA or Asia you have the best chance of a higher score. I changed my plan slightly and stayed on the low bands for longer and swapped off time but I think it worked for the better. Luckily each time I went to take time off I didn't have to leave a good rate but it was still hard to walk away. Shame that CQ can't add time categories rather than force every single op to be 30 hours, CQWW has the classic section so why not for WPX too? 30 hours seems to be over fair too quickly and meant missing out of the fun of different openings. On Thursday I found a noise source which after some driving around turned out to be a street lamp that was on but the bulb was on its last legs and needed to be replaced. With some discussions and several phone calls later we were told the electric company would be out the next day to replace it. Waiting until it got dark on Friday and checking for the noise source it had gone - this saved the day and can only thank everyone involved as otherwise it could have been a different situation for the weekend. This was the only issue and DXlog with MMTTY/2Tone performed great once again, as did all of the equipment and antenna switching. Thanks to OK6W and SN7Q for the fun with the online scoreboard over the weekend! For those who question why use it, try it and see how much more it pushes you! No doubt P49X will be posing a huge score soon enough too so congrats. Until the next time! 73 Rich CR5V / M5RIC Equipment: 2 x TS-590 OM2500A AL-1500 80m: Dipole / 2 Ele Switched Verticals 40M: 2 ele / 4 ele / 3 ele @ USA 10/15/20m: 16 ele tri / 3 x 11 ele stacked tri @ USA DX log / MMTTY / 2Tone