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ARRL DX Contest, SSB   2010   Mar 6   Claimed Score

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Call: HI3TEJ
Operator(s): HI3TEJ
Station: HI3TEJ

Class: SOAB LP
Operating Time (hrs): 40
Location: Other North America
Radios: SO2R  

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Total:4550261Total Score3,561,084


Club: [none]

Comments:     [email]     2010-03-23 19:06:04
What I should say…. Despite the unbelievable behavior from a very well know ham operator that spent hours and hours qrming my calling freq trying to knock me out, but fortunately my Rig could managed his interference . 160 great runs even for low power whatsoever high line noise on both nights. 80 meter my headache band did not realize what is going on with signal till I discovered on Sunday at 04:00 UTC at broken radial … HIHI been working with a perfect dummy load the evening B4. 40 meter running with a homebrew dipole did produced a nice runs, 20 meter using at last minute 3 L HB at 60 feet. Amazed me how good performer is this little antenna but in perfect shot to NA because of my Atlantic Ocean take up. Impressive opening on 15 the money band all time a pile up and opened simultaneously to EU and NA using my 4l Steppir antenna for 15 I love it (I hope to share the same propa at the SSB WPX ) 10 meter Just 1 qso really just one. Sooner or later will open for us. Our last one great opening at 2003 ARRL SSB, “God willing will be”. Using a 3 letters call, a long exchange and getting rates as far of 7 QSO’s per minute I will not complaint at all and the extra bonus of the freq. offender WHY I should complain NIL. OH MY SWEET LORD THANKS TO LET ME FINISH ED THIS CONTEST Rate per minute Times 2 QSO in minute 495 3 QSO in minute 322 4 QSO in minute 291 5 QSO in minute 129 6 QSO in minute 41 7 QSO in minute 15 My top rate for a contest ever were 420 qsos and did achieved at this contest Totally qso per day 1st 2745 and 2nd 1809 Station played perfectly with exception of the 80 m issue, Using coax stub matching nil interference in any of the FT2000. Next year better propa on 10; Tnxs also to all that share with me the pure ham spirit competition … 20 meter sometimes is a ZOO because of the Alligator Net Controller specially at 14280 they do believe that is a private and exclusive frequency for their Stupidity daily comments. Really but really Sucks. 73’s Ted Jimenez RIGS 2 ft2000 100 watts 3 L 20 meter monoband 4 L 15 meter Steppir 40 Meter Rotary Dipole HB 80 and 160 VERTICAL DIPOLE Rigblaster Pro Duo SO2R interface Still fighting for the 2nd night allucinations ... Still sending me to bed when everyones is having fun... Cu at WPX SSB GOD WILLING...