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ARRL DX Contest, SSB   2017   Mar 4   Claimed Score

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Call: KT4ZB
Operator(s): KT4ZB
Station: KT4ZB

Class: SO Unlimited LP
QTH: Savannah, GA
Operating Time (hrs): 21.4
Location: USA

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Total:622240Total Score447,840


Club: South East Contest Club

Comments:     [email]     2017-03-06 07:45:16
Well that was brutal. I expected conditions to be an order of magnitude down so I changed my strategy by having my celebratory Mexican dinner and margarita before the contest. That helped take the off the Friday night bedlam. Then, I had another after the contest...needed that one for sure. This was no place for a southern LP boy. It was 100 percent S and P and I never had a response to any CQs. Late into the contest I was concerned about my score which was down more than I expected. However I felt ok after seeing some of the early 3830 posts that are comparable. I was pleasantly pleased to find 40m good all weekend. I logged my only JA there and one of the highlights of the contest was finding a 7S1(Saudi Arabia), calling CQ split, working him and then sending the spot. 20m was a zoo and on Sunday everyone was there. It took many calls to break through and then more to correct the exchange. One of the other highlights of the weekend was 20m at midnight on Friday where I found 3 VKs, 2 ZLs, A31 (Tonga) and a FK (New Caledonia) all happy to hear me. 15m just didn't deliver for me. My 38 mults may be one -of my lowest totals ever. EU and Asia were hard to find. Best contact there was the VP6 (Pitcairn Island) 10m was very good both afternoons to SA as I worked 37 PYs, 15 CEs and 14 LUs for 66 of my 88 contacts. The 24 mults seem as good as any other LP score; K3LR only had 28. It's hard to believe that in 2014 the station logged 663 contacts and 101 countries in this same contest. This is the new normal! Better DX included A31, 6W, 7Z1, C37, FK8, 5J, JA, OA, UA2, P3, VP6, ZS, SV, HK0, OH0, EU and CT3 and worked 5 bands were 8P5A, KP2M, NP2P, P49Y, PJ2T, PJ4G, PZ5K, TI5M, TI5W, TO3Z, TO5A, V26M and VP2MMF. 160m antenna down due to hurricane Hermine. Anyway, a great radio weekend, my thanks to the contest committee and all those who contacted me. cu in WPX - Jere Yaesu 1000MP MKV, X-240, TH6-DXX, Dipoles, and N1MM+