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NA Sprint CW Contest   2017   September   Claimed Score

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Call: N3BB
Operator(s): N3BB
Station: N3BB

Class: Single Op HP
QTH: stx
Operating Time (hrs): 4
Radios: SO2R  

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BandQSOsOp Time
Total:291Mults44Total Score12,804


Club: Central Texas DX and Contest Club

Team: Pulled Pork

Comments:     [email]     2017-09-10 07:45:24
I tried harder to listen on the other bands later; was on 20 near the end and on 40 all the way. The station here has a problem since the SAL-30 de-senses the receiver on 80 when I transmit on 40. In the past, I simply did not transmit on 40, or in other words more or less went SO1R the last hour. This time (DUH) I realized that I could switch the receiver antenna on the 80 meter radio so that I used the transmit antenna on 80, and in that mode, I could hear on 80 when I transmitted on 40. The noise on 80 last night was more or less decent, so I listened to the 80 meter TX antenna and only used the SAL-30 position for RX when needed. That allowed me to continue to SO2R all the way to the end and It made small, but noticeable difference. Not sure, but maybe a handful of 40 contacts the last half hour, when in previous years that would have been nearly zero. No mults, but a handful of Qs. I also kept at the SO2R as hard as I could on 20, but frankly, I kept hearing the same loud SO2Rers there and they were more active than I was. My last 20 meter Q was at 0124 (K1AR) so I would imagine that others did better than I did at that. After several Sprints with big mult frustration, I finally got lucky. Worked a weak RI station at 0104 on 20, and also stumbled by lucky chance on K5TR (K5OT op) extracting a number from a VE4. I stayed and called and called him over and over and he finally came back with a Q. That was a thrill. Thanks to Larry for "finding" him. Also, was very pleased to get a call from Summer, VE5SDH on 20. She is fighting cancer but lo and behold, she called me on 20 with number 3 or some other low number. Holy cow! Another break. The biggest break was stumbling across an XE2 station on 80 at 0235! He had no idea of the Sprint and I gave him the info and he went "QSL 73." I dropped the speed to 15-20 WPM and asked him for a number. Got #1. It took several overs for him to understand my question for his name. I sent "ur name" "su nombre" and finally got his name. Glory be! Then, since I was on a roll, got lucky and W0DB in NE called me with 11 minutes to go on 80. I had missed him (on the wrong side of the sequence) twice before that on 20 and 40. Had concluded that it would be another "no NE" night. So I got lucky for a change on mults. I did hear one mult, a VE2, early on 20, but missed him on the wrong side, and never heard a peep. That was the only one heard but missed. Of course N0AC was in CO, not IA, so no IA. Also missed VT, FL, AL, AR, OK, ND, and UT from memory. No VE1, 6, 7, etc. Got a NV from on of the NSL guys with a relatively low number. That was fun. All in all, it was the most tiring of any Sprint I've ever had. The numbers of K4RO and NO3M were so far ahead of me that they must have been in a different contest! Never heard K5GN at all. There were several states with only one guy in them: WV, NE, RI, NM, WI, KY, ME, SD, ID, MO, DC, etc. The activity in the Sprint is getting thinner and thinner, and probably represents the diminished number of the CW crowd who are really good Sprint ops. Not good to hear. The first hour was really good but things fell off rapidly. I was really, really tired when the "show" was over. Very tough. Hourly rates: 101-67-70-55. This is 2 higher than the reported number due to two dupes/screw ups on my end. Another thrilling ride. It's special to be in the company of such good CW operators. 73, Jim N3BB (Author, "Reunion" and "Contact Sport")