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ARRL September VHF Contest   2017   Sep 9   Claimed Score

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Call: W4JNB
Station: W4JNB

Class: Limited Multi-Op LP
QTH: AL (EM64dq)
Operating Time (hrs): 21

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Total:11241Total Score5,617


Club: [none]

Comments:     [email]     2017-09-12 06:58:03
The Muscle Shoals Amateur Radio Club operated Limited Multi-Op from Colbert Heights Mountain near Tuscumbia, AL (EM64dq). We operated from the Colbert County EMA's mobile command post parked in a county-owned lot near Colbert Heights High School. Aside from intermittent noise problems, this proved to be a good site for VHF contesting. We improved greatly on our score from last year and added digital modes on 6 meters, which yielded one more QSO than did SSB. We made zero CW QSOs on any band this time. We did not experience any significant enhancement on any of the bands above 2 meters. Although there seemed to be a fair bit of meteor scatter on 6, we were only able to complete five MSK144 QSOs with 100 watts and 5 elements. We did not have the benefit of Internet access for any permitted assistance; we will work on this for next time. Groundwave range from our site on 6 meters was very good. We also noticed the incompatibility between FT8 "regular" and contest mode that others have noted and are confident that Joe and the other WSJT contributors will come up with a good solution. FT8 and MSK144 have been game-changers -- in this submitter's opinion, in a positive way -- this year, and we are grateful for them. It was brought to our attention Sunday morning that we spent too much time using 144.200. I (NV4B) primarily operated 6m and 222 while some of our less experienced contesters operated 2m and 432. As our contesting experience as a club thus far has been limited primarily to Field Day, I accept full responsibility for not explaining the cooperative nature of VHF contesting or the need to move our directional antennas more often when calling CQ and causing frustration for least one nearby contester. We're sorry if this frustrated anyone else. We will absolutely do better next time and hopefully boost the scores of everyone involved. We are also interested in recruiting some of our members who don't want to or can't operate long periods at our multi-op to rove. We are near the intersection of EM54/55/64/65 and tried this idea out Sunday afternoon with one of our members who has an FT-857 and ATAS. It worked better than expected, and with further development of mobile stations, perhaps we can provide even more QSO and multiplier opportunities to stations in our region. Another to-do item is to further develop our 222 station. We used NV4B's portable 222 station with just 10 watts and 4 elements. We missed several QSOs because of our weaker signal on this band, although having the 222 station at all still proved valuable.