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Florida QSO Party   2017   Apr 29   Claimed Score

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Call: KØHC
Operator(s): WØBH
Station: KØHC

Class: SchoolMixed HP
Operating Time (hrs): 16
Location: Out of State/Province

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BandCW QsPh Qs
Total:321197CW Mults67Ph Mults55Total Score102,358


Club: Hesston College ARC

Comments:     [email]     2017-05-17 07:58:45
Thanks to the sponsors and the ops for a really enjoyable 20th anniversary edition of the FQP! The mobiles were out in full force. These numbers likely include a few dupes, but I think I got most of them. I sometimes accidentally typed N4OJ or K4EEB and so didn't show a dupe and called you twice. My bad, sorry, but got it corrected later. N4GI : 5 N4DAB : 7 K4ZGB : 11 KN4Y : 16 N4FP : 17 K8MR : 20 AD4ES : 21 W4AN : 22 NO5W : 30 N4EEB : 34 K4OJ : 37 K4KG : 44 The most fun was tracking K4OJ and N4EEB for my Sweep. I somehow missed OKE on Saturday, so while most were waiting for CLR, I needed CLR plus OKE. I noticed both K4OJ and N4EEB were racing towards OKE. For fun, I pulled up my mapping program and started tracking them by county crossing times. There aren't many roads in that part of Florida, so it was easy to see where they were. My mapping program predicted their county crossing times almost perfectly if I subtracted a few minutes for what I shall call "speed differential" :-) As we got closer to OKE, N4EEB was coming in from the west and K4OJ up from the south. They appeared to be heading for the same OKE border crossing. K4OJ had two possible routes, one direct which put them there first, or one through an additional county. They chose direct and I got my Mixed Sweep from them. I next needed OSC for my CW Sweep. Team OJ dipped south to pick up another county which put team EEB in the lead for OSC and my CW Sweep. K4OJ seemed to be travelling a bit faster, so I wonder if they caught up later! At times, they must have almost been in sight of each other. Thanks to all the mobiles for many Qs. A wish for next year would be to have back the web page with their routes published so I knew the order of their route. The format this year gave mobiles in county, but no routes which made things much more difficult. Maybe I just didn't find the correct page. And I know the mobiles would join me in asking fixed stations to respect the mobile window. Several of the 1x1 fixed stations were particularly prominent and cost me a number of Qs with the mobiles trying underneath. Having said that, most didn't, and the 1x1s did a great job of representing FLORIDA SUN! On Sunday, it would have been possible to Sweep in one day. It seems like Collier is always a problem and anyone that goes there has to go through big counties to get there so it's a long wait for us and a slowdown for the mobiles. Starting there on Saturday maybe, then head north? Again, great work all! Join us for the Kansas QSO Party August 26-27 with plaques, certificates, 1x1 spelling, and antique radio stamps to collect. 73, Bob, w0bh trustee, k0hc Hesston College ARC