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7th Call Area QSO Party   2017   May 6   Claimed Score

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Call: WØBH
Operator(s): WØBH
Station: WØBH

Class: SO(A)Mixed HP
Operating Time (hrs): 16.6
Location: Out of State/Province

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BandCW QsPh QsDig Qs
Total:2404910Mults177Total Score301,254


Club: [none]

Comments:     [email]     2017-05-14 09:57:34
Hesston College often schedules graduation on 7QP weekend, but this year, graduation was a week later. In fact I'm writing this after watching the graduates walk earlier today. Sorry for the delay getting this out and my log in. I haven't worked the 7QP for the past two years, but when I saw the new Assisted category, I decided to give it a try. Spotting definitely helped find new counties. I ended up with exactly the same number of Qs as in 2014 (my personal best year), but went from 163 to 177 counties. In this QSO party, I don't focus as much on mobiles because the SSB CQ rates are so good, but I still managed to catch them in a good number of new counties. The fixed stations, mobile stations, and expeditions once again did a great job. Overall, I worked 477 unique calls, up 40 from 2014. I concentrate on the 7QP, but I always enjoy working INQP and NEQP stations who call needing Kansas. Here's the top group from the mobiles, expeditions, and fixed stations. I really appreciated WW7D/m taking the time to find me on SSB. I tried to be right around the same frequency when CQing, so it worked out well. 15 N7WA N7XU WW7D 11 N7N 08 K7UM 06 KM7R 04 K7RE 02 KS5A KK6MC As usual, 20m was my money band with 15m nicely open but little activity at one point. Relatively low noise helped out on 40m and 80m, but I only worked a few 160m stations even though I CQed for awhile. I was able to work 7-land the entire time on at least one band. Here's my county history plus this year's stats. I did operate in 2006 (the first year), but only put in 9 hours that year so it's not included. This year includes four new personal bests (PB), and three tied PBs. 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2017: MAX POSSIBLE --14 --14 --13 --14 --14 --15 --15 --11 --13: 15 Arizona --16 --15 --21 --22 --14 --18 --20 --31 --30: 44 Idaho --24 --21 --16 --27 --13 --12 --13 --14 --20: 56 Montana --08 --04 --08 --11 --07 --10 --07 --12 --13: 17 Nevada (new PB) --34 --33 --30 --28 --31 --31 --32 --33 --34: 36 Oregon (tied) --19 --20 --20 --18 --17 --11 --14 --16 --20: 29 Utah (tied) --31 --26 --27 --32 --32 --30 --32 --32 --36: 39 Washington (shattered PB) --07 --13 --07 --05 --08 --06 --13 --14 --11: 23 Wyoming ---------------------------------------- --- -153 -146 -142 -157 -136 -133 -146 -163 -177: 259 total counties (new PB) -550 -621 -611 -654 -694 -640 -695 -731 -731: total contacts (tied) 15.0 16.4 16.1 17.6 14.1 13.5 14.1 17.1 16.6: total hours My score this year (301,254) was also a personal best. Previous high was 273,514 in 2014. In Arizona, I missed GLE SCZ. In Idaho, I missed ADM BIN BOU CAM CAR CLE FRA FRE IDA LEW SHO TET VAL WAS. In Montana, I missed most of them .. room for improvement. In Nevada, I missed EUR HUM MIN WHI. In Oregon, I missed GIL WAL. In Utah, I missed BEA BOX DAG DUC MOR RIC SNP TOO WST. In Washington, I missed FER GAR STE. In Wyoming, I missed CAR CON GOS HOT JOH LIN NAT PAR PLA SWE WAS WES. I've been keeping track of counties worked in the 7QP each year. No one is likely to work all 259 in one year, but if you combine the years, I'm down to 18 remaining. This year, I picked up four new ones: IDONE MTDAN MTMAD MTSTI Here are the ones I have never worked in the 7QP : AZ : all worked ID : CAR FRA FRE LEW WAS MT : BLA DEE GOL LIB ROO ROS SHE SWE TRE WHE WIB NV : MIN OR : all worked UT : all worked WA : FER WY : all worked The 7QP is a unique effort over a very wide area. Thanks to the CODXC, other state sponsors, and all the participating stations for another job well done! You're all invited to the Kansas QSO Party on August 26-27, 2017. There are 105 counties, certificates and antique amateur radio stamps to earn, and plaques to win. Hope Kansas puts you all in the log! 73, Bob, w0bh