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ARRL Sweepstakes Contest, SSB   2017   Nov 18   Claimed Score

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Call: W1WEF
Operator(s): W1WEF
Station: W1WEF

Class: Single Op HP
QTH: ct
Operating Time (hrs): 19

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Total:1145Sections83Total Score190,070


Club: Yankee Clipper Contest Club

Comments:     [email]     2017-11-20 11:57:02
Been a while since I put in a serious effort on SSB SS. I had fun but couldn't put in as much time as I had hoped. Couldn't keep my eyes open after sleeping poorly the night before. Always enjoy seeing the new mults fill in, and then wondering if I'll ever get that last one or two that I need. I probably spent too much time with one of the two TH6's pointing to NT or South to PR or VI. I was really delighted to have VY1MB call in with a number 1 for my NT, but a little later VE8EV called with a number 1 as well! After that I kept one antenna to the South, and at one point when I moved to the bottom of 20 to look for a clear spot, there was Gerry at VY1AAA. I NEVER worked 3 NT stations in one SS before, but received No 1 from VE8EV before. My PR station was WP4CTD who wasn't in the contest on 75. I think he was telling me to QSY because I was too close , but I coaxed the info out of him before I moved. I think I might have taken traffic from him after the storm. Later on 40 NP4A called in with a big signal, so I had 2 PR stations in the log, but still needed VI. I had heard a weak VI station working someone else earlier, but calling "CQ KP2" a bit up the band didn't work. KP2XX made my day for the sweep on 40 calling in with a big signal. I checked 160 to find no SS activity, but broke into a roundtable to ask if anyone was in RI, and sure enough I nabbed RI and another 4 Qs. Of course I later worked 3 or 4 more RI stations. Conditions were up and down, better than expected. I thought 40 and 80 were excellent, and found the expanded phone bands we now have a good improvement for SS. There is enough room on 75 now so you don't hear all the complaining about contesters from the regulars... well, not as many. One mistake I made was going to bed before midnite Saturday, when I wasn't even tired but the bands seemed too slow. I suspect they improved because everyone I was ahead of earlier was now ahead of me Sunday morning! Thanks for the Qs and all the thrills. JACK W1WEF 160 5/1 75 294/16 40 409/9 20 437/57 1145 83 190,070. 19 hours JACK W1WEF PS I remember when I had about 40 "NT" sections in my log. Instead of wasting time with 3 letters for North Tx, I abbreviated it. Reviewing my log after the contest this time I caught one Q in which I did the same thing. Way back when, in CT I knew how to add alternate abbreviations for sections, so if I typed "NT" or "NTX" it logged as NTX. I think VE8 was logged as NWT at that time. Is there a way I can change abbreviations in MM? I especially would be happy with MD instead of MDC! Jack Schuster via