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ARRL DX Contest, CW   2018   Feb 17   Claimed Score

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Call: W2IRT
Operator(s): W2IRT
Station: W2IRT

Class: SO Unlimited HP
Operating Time (hrs): 17.6
Location: USA

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Total:641333Total Score640,359


Club: Frankford Radio Club

Comments:     [email]     2018-02-18 23:47:39
How to have a rotten contest weekend: Thursday night get 4 hours sleep. Friday morning get up 4 hours earlier than usual, stress out over medical stuff. Be too busy with real life to have time for a nap. Eat too much. Get second wind and stay up until 4am on 80 and 160. Get 3.5 hours sleep. Become a zombie for the rest of the weekend. Clear the driveway from a freak 7.5" snowstorm and be too tired to be bothered. I just couldn't this weekend. Wanted to. Usually love this contest in fact, but all I wanted to do was sleep. Equipment was mostly good, except the fancy, expensive auto-tuner couldn't find a match on my 80m vee. Both the vee and that tuner need to go away. 40 was great. 160 was in good shape, too. 15 sucked. 10 wasn't worth the effort. Biggest surprise was JAs and the Pacific at 3am on 80. I never ever heard them in like that here. I may or may not be back for the Phone version in 2 weeks. Leaning towards "not."