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IOTA Contest   2017   Jul 29   Claimed Score

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Call: JA1BPA
Operator(s): JA1BPA
Station: JG1ZUY

Class: SO(A)12Mixed HP
Operating Time (hrs): 11
Location: Island

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BandCW QsCW MultsPh QsPh Mults
Total:48411914524Total Score720,005


Club: University of Tokyo Contest Club

Comments:     [email]     2017-07-30 17:37:42
*** Solar cycle minimum is here to stay! *** The propagation on higher bands has definitely deteriorated even compared with that of last year. 10/15mb was completely dead when the contest started (our local time 21:00), but 20mb was very good toward Northern Europe. My best rate for the 60 min QSO rate was the first hour and I worked 128 Qs on CW, not bad for a contest with serial numbers. I have read that the RSGB CC is considering shortening of contest exchanges for IOTA stations, but I personally like the challenge of the current loo~ng exchanges. The serial number contest is very different from contests with predictable exchanges where you can run SO2R (or 2BSIQ) more easily. See you again in CQ WW contests. Best 73, Icko, JA1BPA