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CQ Worldwide VHF Contest   2017   Jul 15   Claimed Score

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Call: K3CCR
Operator(s): N3UM W3GB
Station: K3CCR

Class: Multi-Op LP
Operating Time (hrs): 7.5
Location: USA

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Total:11056Total Score7,000


Club: Potomac Valley Radio Club

Comments:     [email]     2017-07-21 19:50:53
K3CCR is the club station at the Collington continuing-care retirement community at FM 18OW in MD, just east of DC. N3UM and W3GB operated in the July 2017 CQ VHF, W3GB for ~2 hr starting 19Z Sat. due to non-ham commitments. Moderate 6 m. Eskip was there at the 18 Z start; DM99, EL87, and EM12 in 15 min, then 9 skip Qs in 8 grids before Es died at 1905 Z. Also got 25 LOS/tropo Qs on 6 and 2, 18-2036 Z, then that died too. Took a break, had supper, and came back to find 6 m. jumping. Made 40 Es Qs in 35 grids, 27 new, in 3 hr starting 23 Z, plus 8 LOS/tropo Qs. Only 2 Qs were on 2 m but one of those was in FN41, ~350 miles away. On Sun. just before 14Z, made 4 Qs in 5 min. CQing on 6, but all 4 were within LOS, also looking for skip, and also finding none. The rest of Sun. was dead slow on both bands; a total 18 Qs, just ONE via Es, in EM26 at 1716 Z. Our 48 grids on 6 m. was just 2 short of VHCC (VHF Half-Century Club). Still, activity level seemed low. We made just 1 QSO in 27 of our 36 skip grids, 4 Qs in the Kansas City grid, 3 each in Denver and St. Louis grids, and 2 in a few other grids. LOS/tropo activity died on both bands whenever Es was not either present or expected (e.g. at 14 Z Sun.)