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CQ Worldwide DX Contest, CW   2017   Nov 25   Claimed Score

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Call: A44A
Operator(s): A41JZ A45TT A45VA A45VK A45VL A45VN N6AA VU2CDP VU2PTT VU2WH W6XD
Station: A44A

Class: M/M HP
QTH: LL93eo
Operating Time (hrs): 48
Location: Other Asia

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Total:8513176588Total Score17,506,296


Club: 50% SCCC, 50% VU Contest Group

Comments:     [email]     2017-11-27 18:07:03
Solid long-term backing of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said A41AA and his top management team of ROARS including Abdi A41JT and Abdalla A41KB with their organization team members have made this a fantastic club and contest station. Kudos and hats off to the terrific work done by ROARS dedicated team to keep this station going in top form. Special mention must be made of the A4 team including Events Coordinator Essa A41NW, A41KQ Ali, Event Organizer San A45TT, A41PK Fahad, A41PG Ameen and A45VU Prince. Continuing with the great start in 2016, the A44A station enabled a good team to better last year's effort. Couple of great efforts in this year's RTTY and SSB legs ensured all the small glitches were ironed out and the station worked perfectly at all the 5 positons. The low bands were great from this location while the higher bands were bad - especially 15m which is usually our money band in this part of the band while 10m was practically dead. Dick N6AA did great work at the high rate stations and Art W6XD was the 20m expert. The rest of the team all chipped in with great efforts, especially local op Mohib A41JZ who opened up the 160m effort that broke our last years score on 160 in just the first 3 hours. This station with the contest call A44A will continue to create many a "Storm in the Desert" in the contesting world! Station: 5 operating positions, 4 main and 1 backup station Station Equipment: 4 x Kenwood TS-990 +1 x FT-920 backup 2 x Acom 2000 Amp + 2 x SPE-2K Amp + 1 x Quadra VL-1000 8 Ant x 4 Radios Switching matrix High Power filters for all bands Tx Antennas: 160m - Toploaded vertical 80m - 2 element phased verticals 40m, 20m - Dual-bander 2el 40m, 4el 20m @ 20 metres up 20,15,10m - Tri-bander 3el 20m, 4el 15m, 5el 10m @ 20 metres up Rx Antenna: 160, 80m - Remote tuned loop 80, 40m - Remote tune loop 160, 80, 40m - K9AY direction switchable Rx antenna A44A expects to make much more noise and QSOs in future contests - look out for them in 160m contests during this season. Thanks to all who stations who called in. Pileups were huge and if we did not hear some of you, we hope we can make the QSO next time. 73 and see you all down the contest logs. for Team A44A, Prasad A45VA, VU2PTT, W2PTT a.k.a. "The Pit Boss" <- Title courtesy Art W6XD