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CQ 160-Meter Contest, CW   2018   Jan 26   Claimed Score

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Call: W1NN
Operator(s): W1NN
Station: W1NN

Class: Single Op LP
Operating Time (hrs): 17
Location: USA
Remote operation

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Total:QSOs850State/Prov58Countries20Total Score156,312


Club: North Coast Contesters

Comments:     [email]     2018-01-29 00:44:39
Remote from Tokyo. Semi-serious effort but with lots of breaks. With just an ordinary dipole and no RX antennas, it is not worth going all out for this event, even though this is a daytime contest for me and I could operate full time without screwing up my body clock too much. On the first day, I operated for 9:15 straight hours and knocked off with 582 contacts in the log. I missed EU sunrise and my own sunrise in favor of taking a walk, having dinner and spending the evening with the XYL (and watching the 14th day of the exciting Sumo tournament in the late afternoon). The few EU stations that I worked were worked on the first day. I can hear a lot more than I can work, for sure, but compared to past years there were not that many to be heard. Zone 8 stations were quite weak during most of the contest (except for ZF9CW, who was much louder most of the time), although they seemed to hear me without too much trouble. Very odd. The US West Coast was pretty strong and easy for me to work, although the number of stations seemed less than usual. Overall activity and rates seemed to be down. In the past I have had early hour rates of 140-150 but this year my first four hours were 108, 95, 92, and 81. I don't think being remote makes much difference so I can't blame that. Maybe the success of the TBDC has diluted Top Band contesting activity somewhat? I managed WAS (except for AK) pretty early but as of 1230Z on Day Two I was still missing VE4, VE5 and VE7. In the final 30 mins I was on the air, VE7 called in and then I found VE4 with a big pileup which I was able to bust on the first call. That added a little excitement in the final minutes of the contest! Thus I missed only LB, SK, NT, YT and NU. Thanks for the fun. 73, Hal W1NN/Tokyo