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ARRL DX Contest, CW   2016   Feb 20   Claimed Score

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Call: 9A5Y
Operator(s): 9A7DX
Station: 9A5Y

Class: SOAB HP
Operating Time (hrs): 39
Location: Southern Europe
Radios: SO2R  

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Total:2629253Total Score1,995,411


Club: Croatian Contest Club

Comments:     [email]     2016-02-22 09:02:39
Yo ! First time @ ABHP in ARRL and I really liked it Before contest there was no pressure because I knew that I don't have the location to compete for TOP in this one. But still, during the game I found my own goals and tried to catch them. Live score table definitely added a new dimension to the contest. It is so much better to compete online instead of seeing published results few months later!? So, I found the biggest competition in IO1T and IR2C. Unfortunately, 9A8WW was impossible to reach, and e7dx is a different story. Man, you killed the suspense in this game :) Too bad that we missed other BIG GUNS in SOABHP on table. WHY ??? We all know that you're all watching the list so it is uncool not to post ! In the time of skimmer and other tools, I really can not find the reason why someone would hide the score, but anyway... This was a new experience, and once again I learnt a lot. There were good and bad things as always :) Good: 1. All the equipment performance was excellent, finally no issues during the whole weekend. 2. Condix were interesting and challenging. There ware good opening on 160 first night & on 10 @ Sunday evening, and some changing condix on 80&40 with good runs 3. Good overall CW skills and excellent by most # of US stn !? ( I was thinking that only Russians can play high speed CW, but I've offten send on 45+ wpm during RUNs and I don't have to repeat anything. 4. Operator comfort and enough time to sleep. (I saw the end of the contest well rested, unlike WW) 5. Live score excitement Bad: 1. To many QRMing ( and qrg intruders ), if you're not transmitting for more than a few sec, or working on 2nd TRX, freq is lost 2. Still lots of shortcoming @ stn. (lack of real 2nd TRX PA, interference between BAND's, more automatic's, better 40m ant. etc.. 3. Geographic disadvantage comparing to western EU. It is frustrating to lsn RUN's and hear all that NA's but got no answer on my own CQs 4. Dual CQ was not beneficial to me !??! Try many times and almost all times rate was down in that MODE !? There was a problem with interference on BVG from vertical's and in some combinations between high band's antennas but anyway, I still expected more. The only real success in dual cq i've got was working on 15/20 for an hour or so during sunday. But overall, found out that 2nd radio is more efficient for MULTS search, looking for opening's, better run qrg or even competition listening :) But afterall, I would do it again next weekend hehe Congrats to local competition E7DX & 9A8WW, braco you killed the game, it's not fun anymore ! & Thanks to IR2C & IO1T for making this contest more interesting, especially last evening ;) & and thanks fer each qso, Now, I can not wait for RDXC, where we will play on my playground ;) Vedran, 9a7dx