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IOTA Contest   2016   Jul 30   Claimed Score

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Call: N8II
Operator(s): N8II
Station: N8II

Class: SO(A)12Mixed HP
Operating Time (hrs): 11:10
Location: World

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BandCW QsCW MultsPh QsPh Mults
Total:2149030061Total Score671,692


Club: Potomac Valley Radio Club

Comments:     [email]     2016-08-01 17:41:22
I seriously overslept, have not woken up so late in as long as I remember! Start time after set up issues was 1411Z. Then just about at the peak of activity on 20, a thunderstorm rolled slowly in costing an hour off the air in addition to quite high static crash noise on either side. So, I was quite surprised to score so well relative to the NA competition. East Asia was still coming thru to some degree until past 15Z on 20, but I missed the best in the first hour and despite reasonable conditions the last hour Asian activity was quite low. 15 was nearly a total loss, I heard no EU, worked only T4 Cuba in the Caribbean and could not get EF8U to hear me, so it was SA otherwise. The K index remained at 1 the whole time I operated which helped a lot with northern EU and Asia. Before the contest for several days, none of the Chinese IOTA operations were above the noise; I found none during the test except a home station BV1. I guess as usual all areas of EU islands were covered very well. The British isles were on in very full force with multiple stations on EU120 for example. I focused just on working IOTA's until after the storm when I quickly realized that EU was nice and loud on phone and so were stations as close as Long Island NY, OH, and NC. There was good sporadic E in all directions! It was so good that I am sure I missed a few EU callers in the melee of loud USA callers; even stations off the back corner of the beam in 8 and 9 land were very loud. Quite a few booming W1's were logged with a few on IOTA like Martha's Vineyard and Mt. Deseret I. I was called by some nice EU IOTA's and a TC0 on AS99 as well. 20M activity from EU and propagation quickly died off around 2230Z and only very western EU and a few Med area were left after 23Z thanks to the SFI of a very low 71. 40 was very noisy from the still multitude of nearby storms around sunset, but quieted down considerably as the storms subsided and skip zone lengthened. Unfortunately by then EU activity had dropped off to pretty low. There was never enough EU activity to run them on 40 for me. I finished up the evening on 20 which was pretty much dead to AS and EU except for a few weak big guns, but the Pacific and west coast of NA were coming thru pretty well allowing for QSO's with OC1,6,13(S. Cook),36 & 134 (ZL4), 32 (FK), 49(A31), and 19(HI). I worked a big gun 9M6 on both modes poaching him at end of his Q on phone in last hour, and hearing my quite weak signal in the 16Z hour on thru EU callers, good ears Ron! Overall it was a fun event suffering from the Euro centric activity during the day and not enough activity during the EU late night/early AM. There were some 20M pile ups even on 20 CW, I could not break during the 14-19Z hours. I need more sophistication to take full advantage of spots, but they did help the score except when routed to big EU pile ups. I still enjoy searching for mults/Q's more than jumping on spots, much more satisfying! Thanks for the Q's and USA casual ops please note that the log has been uploaded to LOTW, although I welcome QSL's with SASE. 73, Jeff