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CQ Worldwide VHF Contest   2017   Jul 15   Claimed Score

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Call: KK6MC/R
Operator(s): KK6MC
Station: KK6MC/R

Class: Rover LP
Operating Time (hrs): 12
Location: USA

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Total:198122Total Score24,156


Club: New Mexico VHF Society

Comments:     [email]     2017-07-17 11:33:41
Rig is TS-2000 to a PAR Stressed Moxon on 6M and an 8ft W7QQ Yagi on 2M with half of the last director missing. I had a good rove. It was one of the only VHF contests I can remember in which I had Es in each grid I operated. Especially nice was working several long haul 2M QSOes with NM stations which is often rare in NM VHF Contests. In general NM activity was good, in part due to the formation of the NM VHF Society and in part due to the new FT8 mode. I had some problems, the Winkeyer intrerface to the computer was wonky, resulting in me having to restart the computer several times during the contest. I need to work that out. The serial to USB converter did not work at all for the rig so I had to note manually which QSOes I made on two. This is all probably a result of upgrading to a new operating system version and upgrading the logging program and not checking to be sure that everything worked OK. Lesson learned. The Es openings, with a few exceptions, were good, but not intense. I spent most of the time on CW. There was some double hop on Saturday night and I managed to work some of that. I pulled the plug in DM65 at 900PM local while the band was still open a bit. But, I had to get up early the next day, so the tradeoff was worth it. Saturday was a nice rove, without too much travel going from DM64 to 74 to 75 to 65. Sunday was a different matter, I traveled to DM64 in Socorro, then to DM63 just north of White Sands, and then to DM73 at the Valley of the Fires, west of Carizozo. That worked out well, but it is a 2.5 hour trip back home after finishing up in DM73, which is a bit daunting after a day of operating. I really like the CQ WW VHF contest. It only has two bands, so setting up the rover is not too bad and with only two bands to manage, it is a lot easier to be on top of everything. It looks like I will have to incorporate FT8 in the rover, as there were probably lots of QSOes to be had there that I missed. Special thanks to all those who QSYed to 2M with me when they had a run going on 6M. That helps more than you know and I appreciate you giving up a few QSOes on 6M for a QSO with me on 2M. Score wise, I know it is a lot more valuable to me that to you so double thanks. I think I did a lot better job of QSYing people from 6 to 2 and 2 to 6 without leaving anyone behind this contest.