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CQ WW RTTY WPX Contest   2016   Feb 13   Claimed Score

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Call: KN5TX
Station: KN5TX

Class: M/2 HP
Operating Time (hrs): 48
Location: USA

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Total:2411Prefixes777Total Score4,200,462


Club: DFW Contest Group

Comments:     [email]     2016-02-15 10:24:56
Thanks for the help of 10 great Operators. We had a great time working together. Many of the guys gave of their time and many hours of lost sleep and especially I want to thank their special person, their "Valentine" for sharing them with Amateur Radio this very special weekend! I would like to mention them by call and by Name. WB0TEV Victor Paul, N3BUO Dave Greig, W7KYG Calvin Gluck, N5TIT Jeff Smith, KF5BYG Bart Hundt, NM5M Eric Silverthorn, K5RPM Ron Stubblefield, KF5LKG David Darcy, KN5TX Sandra Pannell, WA5FWC Gary Pannell. This is the Group that made this event happen. I was not sure if we could pull off a full blown Multi 2 as it was our first try, with the help of these guy's we got ur done with out a hitch. We were able to man both transmitters for the entire 48 hours. There were no technical problems of any signifience. I had a few other individuals that helped in the preparetion that worked tirelessly to get the station ready for this event N5OMO Gary Muth, Dave Greig restrung the beverages, Sandra KN5TX and Dave Darcy replaced the 80/40 meter inverted v with a new and improved antenna system. Dave Greig helped to rewire the 4SQR that needed a bit of TLC. All in all it all worked flawlessly. Jeff N5TIT was instrumental in encouraging me to try the Multi 2 vowing to do all he could to make it happen in which he put in a fantastic effort. We virtually had ops standing in line to get their turn on the radio. The bands were alive with qs for the first 8 hours of the contest. during the nite after midnight most of the single ops took a break as they could only work 30 hours of the 48 hours of the time period. We kept on and by daylight the bands were again alive with great signals from all over the planet. Saturday we filled the logs with many hundreds of WPX Calls. saturday night ws a repeat of the slow down as we maintained 2 staions at all times. Sunday dawned with a different set of propagations Charactics. 10 meters was very sparce and required many repeats from the weak stations that we encountered. We switched the 10 meter station to 20 and man there was hardly room for another station. we slugged it out and began to fill the logs again. the 15 meter station was kicking butt most of the morning when it began to strugle with mostly weak signals. The bands seamed to build and wane It was a strugle to get some of the numbers from some of the station. Early afternoon we were able to get back on 10 meters were we worked many strange calls from far flung parts of the world. We stayed on 15 most of the afternoon and changed the 10 meter back to 20 meters late in the day to make a good run to finish with 600+ Qs on 20 meters After it is said and done we did well on all bands. Here is our score 4,200,462 hard earned points, our first effort at Multi 2 , Thanks to every one involved especially my wife Sandy KN5TX for putting up with the guys and being there for me. Gary WA5FWC