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South Carolina QSO Party   2018   Feb 24   Claimed Score

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Call: K3TD
Operator(s): K4QPL
Station: K3TD

Class: SO MobileCW LP
Operating Time (hrs): 10:20
Location: In State/Province

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BandCW QsPh QsDig Qs
Total:56200Mults42Total Score92,988


Club: Potomac Valley Radio Club

Comments:     [email]     2018-02-25 03:28:01
What was going to be a leisurely start turned out to be a dash to the starting line after the Tarheel Screwdriver couldn't find resonance points. Turned out Murphy got into the coax jumpers overnight and a temporary power break while connecting the second battery required an anti-theft code to restart the NAV system. Do you remember your anti-theft code? Waking the XYL to pull the file with the card did not make me flavor of the day. So we started 40 minutes late as we crossed the line into MARL and then looped into CHFD before the trek East and South along some of the worst paved roads and loudest line noise in recent memory. Not to mention 20M was not exactly the money band we hoped for and we had ignition noise on 15M making it a nonstarter. It was clear that low power mobile SSB was not going to cut it this time so Tad became full time navigator and driver with Jim being butt in back seat for the duration. It was amazing how well everyone copied us but we left a lot of callers down in the noise that even the K3s couldn't tame. Apologies to all we just couldn't bring through. Although noise persisted, 40 and 80 came up strong in the afternoon and evening to save the day. Thanks to all the friends following us in our Great South Carolina Road Trip. I thought for sure we'd lose OM2VL when we went to 80M but there he was calling us in every county. FB OM!! Thanks to our friends South of The Border for organizing the first leg of a great weekend. Looking forward to tomorrow and the NCQP. 73, Tad, K3TD Jim, K4QPL