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7th Call Area QSO Party   2017   May 6   Claimed Score

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Call: K7CA
Operator(s): K7CA
Station: K7CA

Class: SOCW HP
Operating Time (hrs): 18
Location: In State/Province

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BandCW QsPh QsDig Qs
Total:134900Mults68Total Score275,036


Club: Arizona Outlaws Contest Club

Comments:     [email]     2017-05-07 07:23:27
Haven't any of the antennas other than 160m for about 10 years. The 20m 3el yagi had fallen off the 70' tower and I had hoped to get it back up after some repairs but ran out of time so I put up an inverted vee at 75'. I kept thinking about Milt when I was climbing that tower alone in 25MPH winds so I always kept two hands on the tower. That inverted vee may have been better than the beam for USA contacts since I didn't have to turn it for west coast qsos or east coast qsos. The 40m circle array worked great and didn't need much repair. The 80m broadside/endfire vertical arrays were in very poor shape and I didn't have time to fix them so I hardwired a kludge and it worked somewhat but couldn't run more than 800 watts without arcing somewhere. Propagation was great and qrn was low. We must have been between storms. Overall lots of fun especially with only one day of operation even if it is 18 hours long. At least it is possible to get some sleep at night, unlike the 160m contests. However, my favorite is still the Stew Perry contest. 73, Al K7CA