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CQ 160-Meter Contest, CW   2018   Jan 26   Claimed Score

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Call: W5MX
Operator(s): W5MX
Station: W5MX

Class: Single Op HP
QTH: ky
Operating Time (hrs): 23
Location: USA

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Total:QSOs1304State/Prov61Countries58Total Score510,153


Club: Kentucky Contest Group

Comments:     [email]     2018-01-30 00:06:29
Got a bit of a late start due to work Friday. Planned to get off work early, but as Plant Manager of a 24/7 production facility, it just never stops. But, eventually got things squared away and off to the races. The usual set up routine at the contest site and ready to go. Band a bit crowded but eventually found a run freq. Could hear EU quite well by that point and had a few in the log quickly. Conditions were stable most of the night and very quiet here as others have reported. Great EU sunrise peak that lasted well beyond their sunrise. Worked a lot of Northern EU with fb signals. As usual, I hit the wall around 3:45 am local and could not stay awake. Time for a nap before Asia/Pacific time. Worked a few JA's, missed 5W1SA. Couldn't break the west coast wall, and by the time I found him, it was 1/2 past my sunrise and he slowly faded away. CQ'd a bit for some local stuff and went to bed. Got a bit earlier start Saturday night. Heard some EU, but weak, well before sunset. Thought this might be a good night, but it never materialized. A lot of QRN from storms to the south and signals quite down. Very little EU sunrise peak. Did get a call from 4X2 which was nice for a mult. After EU sunrise, picked the band clean and went to bed again around 3:45 local. Back up at 6:30, conditions sounded good. Kept looking for 5W1 and other south pacific stuff but nothing. Did manage to work RA0FF- fantastic ears! Overall a good contest with around 200 10pt QSO's. Nothing compared to the guys in the NE, some amazing scores. Would love to operate 160 up there some day. Will be on in the SSB version of this test. Although SSB is not my cup of tea, it's a contest so I'm in. I usually end up in mini rag chews when I run into someone I know, or some folks out there just want to chat. Don't want to be rude so exchange a few words :-). Thank You to all for the Q's, Bryan W5MX Some have asked: FTDX3000 Amp at almost 1kw (generator won't let me do more) Inverted L and vertical full wave loop for TX ant's Beverages strung all over the place through the woods