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North American QSO Party, CW   2014   August   Claimed Score

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Call: N6GQ
Operator(s): N6GQ
Station: W6JZH

Class: Single Op LP
Operating Time (hrs): 9.5
Location: USA
Radios: SO2R  

Summary:   Compare Scores
Total:756141Total Score106,596


Club: Northern California Contest Club

Team: NCCC #2

Comments:     [email]     2014-08-03 21:08:06
Thanks to John, W6JZH, for allowing me to come over and play radio! John recently finished a complete SO2R build at his most FB station, and so I jumped at the chance to play guinea pig and run through a contest to see how everything worked. Pretty much everything worked exactly as planned, and the station is super-FB! I had planned to get a good night sleep before Saturday, but somehow I got about 2 hours sleep total (something I ate? Who knows), so when the contest started I was fighting to keep my eyes open. That, combined with really crummy conditions and a K of 4, I wasn't expecting a big score, and took the opportunity to put the station through the ringer and try to find any lurking bugs. I think about 40% of my Q's were 2nd radio QSOs, so lots and lots of switching! Runs were "ok". 10M was terrible, I worked what I heard, which was all of 3 stations. No antenna on 160, and only a low dipole for 80, so that, combined with an early finish (no breaks), there wasn't much to do on 80 either. So essentially a 15/20/40 contest this time around. Thanks for all the Q's, and see you in the pileups! Jeff N6GQ PS: Score approximate - don't have the summary sheet handy.