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ARRL DX Contest, SSB   2017   Mar 4   Claimed Score

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Call: VE9AA
Operator(s): VE9AA
Station: VE9AA

Class: SOSB/15 HP
Operating Time (hrs): 5
Location: Canada

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Total:8037Total Score8,729


Club: Maritime Contest Club

Comments:     [email]     2017-03-05 15:12:16
Sunday only operation. 100% S&P (by necessity) Cq'd many times for 7-10 mins off and on all day and don't think I had one caller ! Like pushing a rope. Never before have I worked so hard for so little when running HP. I don't think I have ever had so many 100w guys CQ in my face as happened today. "South" was the place to be today. Worked CU, EA and CT to the East. No (other) EU big guns heard at all. The only guys that were ever really loud here were ZF2MJ, V26M, CO's and the KP4 group.(Es link?) Everyone else was 5/1-5/5 or so. Best DX heard was VP6EU @ 5/2....not so much as a QRZ from him, even when he had no callers. sigh... Looks like the sunspot doldrums have arrived. At least for us in the north ! CU (all of sudden) in the next one! dit dit -Mike VE9AA in NB , IC7410...small amp, various wires and aluminum.