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North American QSO Party, SSB   2016   January   Claimed Score

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Call: KØUK
Operator(s): KØUK
Station: KØUK

Class: Single Op LP
Operating Time (hrs): 9.25hr
Location: USA
Radios: SO2R  

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Total:994178Total Score176,932


Club: Grand Mesa Contesters of Colorado

Team: GM Team 1: CO Natl Monument

Comments:     [email]     2016-01-16 22:39:35
Missed the first 30 minutes due to a prison ministry training session. Once I got to the shack I went into automatic and started using my name of Bill. Our club had agreed as a option to use Alan for KO7X who is a SK. Sorry Alan best intentions went bye bye.. Did the moving of mults between 10 and 15 mtrs with moving CO station to other bands. Thanks to N0RYK Larry a local GMCC op who went thru the bands for me. Plus WA0RSX Carson who helped also. Also work a some other locals that help push the 10mtr score. 10mtrs was very spotty and off and on. With FL and even some East coasters coming in. 15mtrs was ok but I made a decision that 15mtrs was not the run band and stayed on one frequency on 20mtrs that was in between my neighbors plasma tv noise. Thus I ran till 20 just pooped out and went to 40mts. 40mtrs was excellent but had to take a break. When I got back it was a slow grind but worth it. When I hit 80mtrs it was more the same but just picked who I could. Took another break and when I got back 80mtrs was much better. Although the signals weren't strong the qrn and qrm was down to where I could copy most signals. The last half hour I split between 160 and 80mtrs. This was a productive move. I had a goal of 1000 QSO which I think I would have gotten if not for being late and having to manually switch the DX Doubler Box. Not sure if its Writelog or some other issue. Will find out next week. To all the Team members W0ETT, AK0BC, N0RYK, KT0A, KQ0C K0EU, never heard the others. But figured they were KBing ..Thanks to all my friends who I worked this weekend. Its always fun..Amen OK if I missed any GMCC'er I apologize. It was fun. and BIC was good this time sort of. PTL Go Broncos bill K0UK