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ARRL DX Contest, SSB   2017   Mar 4   Claimed Score

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Call: W4GE
Operator(s): W4GE
Station: W4GE

Class: SO Unlimited HP
Operating Time (hrs): 16:41
Location: USA

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Total:604246Total Score445,752


Club: [none]

Comments:     [email]     2017-03-05 20:47:13
Given the up and down band conitions leading up to this weekend, it was clear that we would be in for an interesting time, and it was. I'm getting ready for the lack of solar spots on Sol"s face by putting up as many low band antennas as I can. That includes xmit and RX antennas, and the latter proved their merit on the low bands in this contest and the last CQ 160 test. So far I have a Pixel Loop (not bad for local and noise cancellation), a BOG aimed North and South (pretty much my go to RX antenna), and a Pennant aimed to the NE for EU. Used all of them on 40m and down. Never use the Xmit antennas on receive anymore on the low bands. Thanks to Steve, AA4V, for showing me the way to enlighteniment with RX Antennas. It was obvious from the 3830 comments that the East Coasters had it a bit better than the Midwesterners and the West Coasters. Most of the time from the coastal SE we could at least hear EU and the Caribbean (unless it was too close like ZF or 6Y). The SA transequitorial really came to the rescue on Saturday afternoon and especially at the end on Sunday evening, with the QRP and LP guys holding court and running huge pileups of those of us who had literally run out of call signs to call on our spotting lists.... Sunday was a slog. I could not get a run going to save my life on any of the bands, so S&Ping was used for 98% of my contacts. I would often get up and leave the rig for an hour to let propogation work its wonders on the spotting list. All in all a great learning experience for an old guy getting his feet really wet in the cement of Contesting. Thanks to all for helping me into this craziness over the past few years. And Thanks for your ultimate cordiality in allowing good communication to happen in the pile ups. Y'all make ham radio great! Antennas: Xmit: 6 band Hex at 35 ft, 135 ft OCF for 160-30m at 40ft, full 1/4 wave DXE Vertical on 80m with 1600 ft of wire as a ground plane. RX: Rotatable Pixel loop, 171' bidirectional BOG aimed NS, and Pennant aimed to NE. Rig: K3/P3/KPA500/KAT500, Acom 1500, XMatch, Lots of Mix31 ferrites. Thanks to all for coming back to me. Rick W4GE