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ARRL DX Contest, SSB   2010   Mar 6   Claimed Score

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Call: W4IX
Operator(s): W4IX
Station: W4IX

Class: SO Unlimited LP
Operating Time (hrs): 35
Location: USA

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Total:1083301Total Score977,949


Club: South East Contest Club

Comments:     [email]     2010-03-07 16:52:28
OK that was fun..It really is a fight working this contest with low power and small antennas, but I guess thats what I do. 32 of the 35 hours were S&P only. I just could not get a run going on any band until late Sunday on 20 meters and that was difficult too. The best run I had was when I was calling om 14230 and Listening on 14127, it was so clear I loved it. 10 never really got going here. Even the normal SA path was weak, but did snag a few close in ones on Saturday. 15 was pretty goodto Europe on both days but the activity still seemed a little low, but the JA opening was awesome here on Sat. nite. Was amazed to work some hard to get mults that I never worked before with low power ( XU7, JT1, BX5, HS0, ST2, AND 7Z1 ) to name a few. 20 meters was definitely the work horse here, but you all know the deal with that, band is crowded enough for a LP station to get anything going. Was surprised when HZ1PS called in. 40 was also crowded and tuff for me with a small inv. V antennas at 40 feet but still produced some nice mult counts. The 80 meter inv. L played well on 80, I just got there late to get more mults. Was nice to get 3 JA's on 80. 160 was ok when I went there, I had just put up a horizontal dipole on the same feedline as my 40 meter V ( looked like a bowtie ). I also got to 160 late on Friday nite and missed some Eu mults. I had no problem working the guys in the Caribbean. Surprised me to get KL7 and KH7 with the dipole and about 90 watts. I took off 8 1/2 hours on Sat. nite to get some rest for my next upcoming road trip to Philly. 73's to all and thanks for the Q's. It really amazes me that when I hear a station running a KW on a noisy band and not even moving the Meter that so many stations can get my call pretty quick even running 100 watts and small antennas. It seems like some of the stronger guys have more trouble getting it right hi hi!! Cu all from NQ4I in the CQWPX SSB Contest at the end of the month.....W4IX