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CQWW WPX Contest, SSB   2017   Mar 25   Claimed Score

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Call: N3QE
Operator(s): AJ3M F4BKV N3HBX N3QE
Station: N3HBX

Class: M/S HP
QTH: MD FM19hc
Operating Time (hrs): 48
Location: USA

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Total:3109Prefixes1098Total Score9,234,180


Club: Potomac Valley Radio Club

Comments:     [email]     2017-03-27 11:23:43
Our usual multi-op leader KD4D was down for the count with the flu! So I stepped in to put the band back together and see what we could do for WPX SSB. We had a brief plan to enter M/2 but that fell apart as other operators came down with the flu, or were unavailable, as well! So it was M/S. John N3HBX made several extra trips to help me get set up at the station before the start of the contest, and operated at both run and S&P positions during the days. Super thanks to John for all the effort he puts into building and keeping his big contest station going! Masa AJ3M was on in early AM each morning way before sunrise, operating through early afternoon. Vincent F4BKV was visiting New Jersey for work the week before the contest, and was nice enough to come down to our part of MD for the contest. Not only did Vincent run Europe and South America not just with style, but also with his foreign language skills! He was our "ringer" :-). I operated mostly the evening and a good chunk of each overnight. From a Monday-morning perspective, some thoughts: 40M: Wow, I was amazed we did as much operating on 40M Friday and Saturday nights as we did. Of course 40M is the money band to get the extra points for working EU on low bands. But there's so much QRM! We camped on a run frequncy for a whole hour before the contest started and Vincent managed to hold it with style into the evening. Conditions on 40M each morning to VK/ZL were really superb, and in the mix we worked several Foundation-class VK's. 80M was definitely in better condition to EU on Saturday night than it was Friday night. Never got a huge run going on 80M on either night, but it was very productive as some S&P relief from the cacophony of 40M. 20M was just superb from sunrise till sunset each day. I have operated at N3HBX several times before and it's always a thrill to work a couple over-the-pole Asian stations on 20M. But conditions and activity on 20M was much better than I had ever experienced from N3HBX before. (Possibly in the past few years folks would defect to 15M because it was open so spent less time on 20M?) When we were done, we had worked 11 Chinese stations and almost 50 JA's on 20M. In addition we had callers from Indonesia, India, and Pakistan! 15M only had the thinnest smattering of southern EU QSO's. The day crew tells me that 7Z1CQ stood out loud and clear as did several other African stations. The bulk of action was of course South America. I had enabled live score reporting, and we'd occasionally peek there. Wow, WW2DX really took off like a rocket and never ever slowed down. NV9L and K9CT seemed more like benchmark stations for us, but they did not have the east coast advantage of EU points that we did. WX3B was our "local competition" and we would listen to them stir up action no matter what band they were on. Congrats to all of them, watching them on the live score server or occasionally hearing them on the air handing out big numbers, they all kept us in Poolesville working hard!