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CQWW WPX Contest, SSB   2017   Mar 25   Claimed Score

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Operator(s): AEØEE
Station: AEØEE

Class: SOAB(TS) LP
Operating Time (hrs): 20
Location: USA

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Total:253Prefixes171Total Score80,883


Club: Minnesota Wireless Assn

Comments:     [email]     2017-03-26 20:25:24
100 W, dipoles up 20-30'. Voice keyer used only while attempting to run on 10 and 15 meters (not much!). Band conditions were not great. Mostly stations were not very loud, or there was so much noise at the other end from the narrow window of available frequencies that I wasn't being heard. However, I improved my performance from the ARRL DX SSB contest (57 QSOs) to 68 QSOs with non-(US/VE) stations. It was nice to be able to work other US stations, as it made things fun enough to keep in the chair (somewhat) and probably helped keep the pileups on the DX stations down a bit. As a 100 W and wires station, i need all the pileup thinning I can get! I was pleased at how well I was able to do on the low bands, particularly 80 meters. Most of the progress there was from being able to run a frequency and work domestically, but it was a thrill when EB8AH called in! While I was hoping for a 10 meter opening, I didn't seem to get one. Even 15 was tough going most of the weekend. There were some openings, and it was fun to hear so many EU stations coming through on 20 meters Sunday morning. It would've been more fun if they could've heard me, but I was happy that propagation was good enough that at least I could hear them. While I didn't work any new ones this weekend, I probably added a few slots toward DXCC challenge or Phone DXCC. Murphy stayed away, which was nice. Although I didn't put in a full-time effort, I think I did pretty well on performance given the conditions. I changed bands when I needed to, took breaks as needed, and did a few things away from the radio too. Maybe I should get another feedline for the 30 m antenna so I can take breaks onto that band without going outside. Overall, I feel good given the conditions. I had 39 DXCC entities, 250 contacts, and 80K points. While I tried to get entity 40 in there before I had to shut down, E51 and P44 just couldn't hear me. Neither had SX2 or 7Z1 earlier on 15 m during a very short opening. I'm looking forward to doing this again on CW in a couple months!