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ARRL DX Contest, SSB   2017   Mar 4   Claimed Score

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Operator(s): KØVXU
Station: KØVXU

Class: SO Unlimited HP
QTH: Kansas
Operating Time (hrs): 22
Location: USA

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Total:586258Total Score451,242


Club: Kansas City Contest Club

Comments:     [email]     2017-03-05 16:18:06
K3/TL-922A/TH6DXX/Sloping Vees (80 & 40)/Inverted L (160) Part time effort and all S&P. This year it seemed like work and not a fun thing. Conditions were fair to good over most bands but certainly not what they were a few years back. A shot opening to Southeast Asia on Saturday on 20 but nothing on Sunday. Somehow Europeans heard me on 80 and 40 when I called but they were weak requiring lots of effort to pull them out of the muck. I suspect it was the same on the other end. Mults were down from previous years (goes along with conditions). Lots of loud stateside signals creating lots of noise/QRM. Pileups on the rarer stations were astounding and it was hard getting through. There was some bellyaching about contesting but mostly everyone got along. The rag chewing crowd on 80 and 40 did seem to be bothered much even when a DX station called CQ on their frequency. Several KCCC members were heard in the fray calling DX and that is a goodness. Glad to see the interest in contesting. Until next year, 73, Russ - K0VXU