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IOTA Contest   2017   Jul 29   Claimed Score

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Call: K1IMI
Operator(s): N4CW W4TMO
Station: K1IMI

Class: M/S LP
QTH: NA-055
Operating Time (hrs): 10:17
Location: Island

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BandCW QsCW MultsPh QsPh Mults
Total:175321614Total Score71,990


Club: Potomac Valley Radio Club

Comments:     [email]     2017-07-30 12:33:58
Operation was from Little Deer Isle, on the northern end of Penobscot Bay in mid-coast Maine. This year's location was "Pine Trail", a higher elevation than last year's on the water's edge. Great location, but the mosquitoes were terrible. We operated from inside the car and kept the windows closed! Power was 100 Watts by external batteries and an N8JKX regulator. Jim and I tried the station configuration at our "home" QTH the evening before the contest, but we were pressed for time before dark. Everything SEEMED ready-to-go with our mobile setup...HAH! What we found out was that, on CW everything worked just fine (that's what we tested prior to the contest), but on phone we had r.f. feedback problems, regardless of what antenna we tried (we had several mobile antennas and a 24-foot extendable flagpole (mounted in a "drive on" mount which Jim had fabricated)that we used as a non-resonant inverted-L. During the contest, we reconfigured the rats nest of wires that enabled power, r.f., and computer control...that helped a little and later we were able to use the Outback Outreach mobile antenna on 40 for a few mults. Other than that, we enjoyed the operation, starting on 20 with some great runs, then signals petered out until late afternoon on 20. After a burst of activity, we moved to 40 and enjoyed some great European runs, eventually giving up in the dark around 10 PM locat time for the 2-hour drive back "home". Thanks to all those who worked us...I know we missed a few... 73, Bert N4CW/K1IMI