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Pennsylvania QSO Party   2017   Oct 14   Claimed Score

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Call: K8MR
Operator(s): K8MR L1NDA
Station: K8MR

Class: Multi-Op Mobile LP
QTH: 15 Counties
Operating Time (hrs): 5.5
Location: In State/Province

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Total:3021900Mults82Total Score58,086


Club: North Coast Contesters

Comments:     [email]     2017-10-15 16:28:47
Score includes the mobile bonus for 10+ Qs from 14 of the 15 counties, but does not include QSOs with bonus stations. Once again, this was a Saturday trip combining the PAQP with getting to our daughter's place in NNJ. My wife Linda agreed/was coerced into driving through PA, other than a 35 mile break through Centre and Clinton counties when the bands went pretty dead and she was feeling a bit sleepy. We were in the Prius V (featured in my NCJ article about FQP mobiling), which does have serious ignition noise when pressed into hard action, which included maintaining 75+ MPH going up hills on I-80. I may have been an alligator at times, which is why. Next time I ought to bring the 2007 Sienna (168K miles) which is the quietest mobile vehicle I've owned. Reasonably good conditions at the start and the end (22Z Saturday), but poor in the mid-afternoon. Not sure if the bands took a dump, or if there had been a 200 mile skip zone all day, which when in central PA would have been enough to skip over the rest of the state. Not much phone operation. I tried getting some CQ action from Armstrong and (I believe) Clinton, but no luck. Most of my phone QSOs were QSYs from CW with OM2VL. It was only Friday night that I realized that NHA was a stone's throw south of I-80 on the west side of the Delaware River, which we could then cross and skip the first five miles of I-80 in New Jersey. But that stretch is also at the bottom of a valley with big hills on both sides, especially to the west, so I never got much going there, only eight QSOs. One casual non-radio observation: I've been doing PAQP as a mobile for nearly 20 years. It used to seem that it fell pretty close to peak fall colors of the changing leaves. This year, in spite of PAQP being on the latest possible dates, even at the highest elevations on I-80, the leaves were barely starting to change. 73 - Jim K8MR