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Wisconsin QSO Party   2018   Mar 11   Claimed Score

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Call: WI9WI
Operator(s): WI9WI
Station: WI9WI

Class: SO Mobile LP
QTH: 6 counties
Operating Time (hrs):
Location: In State/Province

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BandCW-Dig QsPh Qs
Total:1500Mults44Total Score26,250.0


Club: Four Lakes ARC

Comments:     [email]     2018-03-12 23:41:39
Twenty third year of operating the WIQP mobile. My main goal was to operate from some new counties in my never ending goal to operate the WIQP from every Wisconsin county SO Mobile solo. This year I bagged 6 new counties, FON, DOD, SHE, WAS, OZA, and MIL. I now have 13 to go, all in the northeast part of the state. One of the issues with doing this is the QSO party is only 7 hours long, and I spend a lot of time driving between counties. For safety reasons I do not operate while driving. Some may be able to do it, but I can't. This year I spent more time driving than operating. The shortest drive was between FON and DOD, 3 minutes. It was literally across the road. The longest was between DOD and SHE, 84 minutes. Actual operating time was about 3 hours. I had a few problems. The main ones were RF getting into the computer early on even though it had checked out fine in the driveway on Saturday. Some ferrite, cutting the power to 75 watts, and rearranging a few cables cured that. Apologies to those to whom I screwed up a few QSOs. The other was I continue to have antenna problems on 80 meters. I thought I had fixed them, but it was not to be so. I could load the antenna with the K3's tuner, but I was only putting out about 15-20 watts. This is not good when the best band was 80. Gotta work on that. You know 40 is long when you work Italians before 2 PM local with 75 watts and a mobile antenna. Twenty was a wasteland. I CQd on 20 at least 5-10 minutes in each of the first 5 counties, and garnered all of 3 QSOs. More new counties next year. Thanks to all for the QSOs 73 Jim WI9WI