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CQ Worldwide DX Contest, CW   2009   Nov 28   Claimed Score

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Call: LP1H
Operator(s): LU5DX
Station: LU5HM

Class: SOAB(A) HP
QTH: Cordoba
Operating Time (hrs): 48
Location: South America

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Total:4704125376Total Score6,919,311


Club: LU Contest Group

Comments:     [email]     2009-11-30 05:53:38
Though it was not possible to operate on 3.5 an 1.8 due to summer thunder storm over the station all weekend long I really had a blast!! The station performed flawlessly throughout the weekend. All the man-hours devoted to improving every possible detail by LU5HM, LU7HE and LU9HS really payed off. I have no words to explain how reliable the amps made by LU7HE are. Both the 8877 and the 3-1000Z were busy the 48 hours and had not a single hicup. Band conditions were somewhat worse than last year's CQ WW CW. Specially the low bands. Was hopping for similar conditions than in CQ WW SSB, but sun's active zones rotated a week earlier. I was not feeling like doing it the 48 huors straight, but it was such a pleasure to operate that I hardly took two short bio-breaks throughout the weekend. Only ate a few fruits and cookies and drank enuough water. Two BBQs. 1st: Friday by Ramón LU5HM. 2nd. Sunday by Santiago (grabbed a bite whilst operating on 15 m). Big thanks to: Ramón LU5HM: for allowing me to operate the station again in spite of a tight business schedule and for sitting right next to me all weekend long making good company and making sure everything was in good shape. Ramuco LU7HE: for hospitality and for all the hours spent to work on the tech side of the station. Javi LU9HS: for being there helping build, mantain and repair whatever is needed and for keeping in touch throughout the contest Mónica: for her hospitality and for making me feel like at home. Thanks a lot to everyone who gave us a call! CU on the bands. Vy 73. Martin, LU5DX (op at LP1H) - 2009 CQ WW DX CW SOAB(A) P.S. You can check (still under construction, but we'll publish some pics and a more extensive write-up later on this weekend) Station: 2 X IC 775 DSP 2 X ICE filters Software N1MM Six Pack and Home made Six Pack Home made audio switching. Antennas: 160: Inverted L 80: M2 2el yagi, Double Bazooka 40: JVP 3el yagi 20: M2 5el yagi 15: M2 6el yagi 10: M2 7el yagi