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ARRL June VHF Contest   2017   Jun 10   Claimed Score

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Call: NØLD/R
Station: NØLD/R

Class: Unlimited Rover LP
Operating Time (hrs): 24

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Total:177142Total Score25,134


Club: [none]

Comments:     [email]     2017-06-26 11:44:39
N0LD/R - Unlimited Rover We departed from Ft Worth, TX in EM12 after visiting the Ham Com on Friday evening. A pesky ground problem was resolved Friday evening after much wailing and gnashing of teeth. This year we added 220 and 1296 mhz. We had three stations in the car... an FM radio for the driver when in town, an FT-847 dedicated to 6m in the front right seat, and an FT-736R radio in the rear. We had to coordinate carefully, so that we wouldn't operate 2m and 70cm at the same time (against the rules and against our delicate receiver health with antennas in that close proximity). I will have pictures of the setup on the ARRL Soapbox page in a week or so. We had a pair of dual loops for 2m and 70cm, a vertical for 2m and 70cm, and 10 ft long M2 antennas for 2m and 70cm. We had a single loop for six meters. We had 10 ft long gain antennas for 220mhz and for 1296 mhz. The loops were what we primarily used enroute... the beams were what we used when stopped. However, the beams were excellent for enroute travel to large cities - we could generally work them from the previous grid. We used 200 watts on 2m with care - by turning all our other switches when we did. We had 100 watts on 6m, 50 watts on 2m and 70cm FM vertical, 25 watts barefoot on 2m SSB, 25 watts on 70cm barefoot (we should have fixed the power cable to the 100 watt amplifier!), 25 watts on 220 MHz, and 10 watts on 1296 mhz. We had 6m setup for digital - we didn't make any MSK144... but then again, we didn't do any scheds; that is something we will correct next time out. We were almost setup for 2m digital as well. That would have been great. We were probably too aggressive on the grids we went through... we could have gone through fewer without dropping our score... something to remember for next time. 6m was so awesome - such a nice benefit after waiting the whole contest for it to open up. Kansas City was OK for our scores... but we could have skirted the south half and made all the contacts and avoided our attempts to work FM - no one was on because of church and mid-day Sunday! It was wonderful stopping for lunch to see our old friend and mentor Bob Bailey, WE0Z in KC, though! Tulsa - usually a WEALTH of contacts for us - was unusually silent because of the 6m opening... so undoubtedly we traded some 2m for 6m scores... which I would gladly do again. We had three laptops, but used two in a network through my mobile hotspot on my phone... one of them got hot from sitting in our laps too long. Proving it is good to bring a backup! So our N3FJP VHF Contest logger was perfect - we were able to log from the back or the front seat as the propagation allowed. In the future, I think we will dedicate some paper to the process for busy moments. My daughter, Samantha Wing, KC0MTM, was our driver from Ft Worth to OKC... Then Nick Farlow, KB0YHT joined Harvey Jones, W0HGJ and (myself) Randy Wing, N0LD. Having two working positions and one driver/FM position was perfect. This allowed us to change positions periodically... allowing everyone to use the radios, log, and drive. I believe we left a few QSOs behind when we stayed on our schedule to complete the contest... we also like to hit certain cities at the best times of the day. Next time, we will hit a few less grids, but operate fixed longer and I think our score will more than make up for it. Thanks to all of you who followed our itinerary and gave us surprise contacts - staying on schedule gave you a good prediction of when to turn on your radio... Next time, we will use APRS, though, I think. Best, Randy Wing, N0LD/R