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CQWW WPX Contest, SSB   2017   Mar 25   Claimed Score

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Call: ZB2TT
Operator(s): ZB2TT
Station: ZB2TT

Class: SOAB(TS) LP
Operating Time (hrs): 19
Location: Southern Europe

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Total:678Prefixes398Total Score479,192


Club: [none]

Comments:     [email]     2017-03-27 04:54:58
As currently I am not a member of a contest team I only managed to have a play around in the contest for a few hours from ZB with a very compromised setup. Saturday was spent on 10/15, some massive signals out of South America and the Caribbean. Managed to work a handful of US stations on these bands, but it was far from wide open. Sunday was spent mainly on 20m working EU, some great signals out of northern Europe. With 20m oversubscribed and running only 100w it was extremely difficult to hold a run frequency. On several occasions stations would just start CQing on top of my frequency, that plus several instances of DQRM made it quite frustrating. However I did manage to maintain a run for 2 hours Sunday afternoon. CW is far more fun this side of the sunspot cycle, hope to see you in WPX CW.