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CQ Worldwide DX Contest, CW   2013   Nov 23   Claimed Score

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Call: NF1R
Operator(s): NF1R
Station: W6YX

Class: SOAB(A) QRP
Operating Time (hrs): 25.6
Location: USA

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Total:610109252Total Score623,447


Club: Northern California Contest Club

Comments:     [email]     2013-11-24 19:13:10
With Mike (N7MH) and John (W6LD) in Aruba at P40L, John (K2YY) and I operated solo efforts from W6YX under our own calls. I purchased a KX3 for condo and field-operation use a few months ago, and was wondering what it would be like to do a full-weekend DX contest at QRP levels (but with powerful antennas). This was my first time operating QRP semi-seriously in a DX contest. My time was limited by a previous commitment to attend the Big Game (Cal vs. Stanford) with my wife, a Cal alum. So I missed a big chunk of the Saturday openings on the high bands. Subject to my time constraints, I tried to maximize my score by aggressively pursuing multipliers, since picking up mults at random is not a feasible strategy when doing QRP from the West Coast. A QRP QSO requires the support and patience of the other station, and it's hard to predict who will help you make a contact, though I now have some rules of thumb. It was fun to sit on the QRP end and listen to the other op pause, then wait to decide if they are going to make the effort, or maintain their rate by working more loud stations. Caribbean contest stations that are usually a "gimme" QSO in the first few hours a KW or even 100 watts were impossible to work until they started begging for Q's in the last few hours. I wasted a lot of time trying to work a few of the big stations but learned that one can make more Q's by S&P'ing stations that are 1) common and 2) begging for takers. A few stations deserve extra credit for their efforts to dig out my signal (especially). Thanks to P40L for listening out (I worked them on the first or second call on 4 bands), and to RU1A, HS0ZAR (Fred?), and many other operators for their excellent listening skills. Thanks to K2YY, who operated SOSB/15, for accommodating my operations on that band (was only about 10 countries short of 15M DXCC), and to Larry N6DB and QRP contester Mark, K6UFO, for helping with pre-contest setup. Above all thanks to N7MH for sharing his K3 while he was away for the weekend. 73 Clayton NF1R Antennas: 160M/80M: No Q's 40M: 4-element Yagi@ about 60 feet 20M: 6-el rotating and 5-el fixed monobanders, C31XR 15M: Mostly the C31XR, 5-el "fixed" monobander movable with rope 10M: Mostly the C31XR, 5-el Yagi fixed on Caribbean, 6-el monobander at 60 feet.