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CQWW WPX Contest, SSB   2012   Mar 24   Claimed Score

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Call: ED1R
Station: ED1R

Class: M/2 HP
Operating Time (hrs): 48
Location: Southern Europe

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Total:6221Prefixes1539Total Score24,242,328


Club: Radio Club Henares

Comments:     [email]     2012-03-27 13:11:46
Contest very awaited by the Team ED1R, bad and irregular propagation and we put a big Target that wasnÂ't possible making with this bad propagation, probably in other year will be possible. We read at 3830 that 80% of EU stations have the same problem with the propagation in low bands and we think that the best decision would have been in MS because bad propagation to M2 or MM. In short, the propagation has been a disaster in low bands where pretty QSO worth more points, 160m noise and more noise (only 45min Run the other multiplier), 80m noisy and we found it easier to work NA than EU on 40m Missed much propagation (the Run stooped constantly), the first night was a disaster, all people on 20m because bad conditions on low bands big problems to found a place and maintain the QRG. In 15m was best enjoyed where Run continuously and 10m not finished to open with a short opening Saturday to EU/AS and NA on Sunday, the rest were pecking mult. The Team consisted of colleagues from various places: CT1HXB, EA1CJ, EC1KR, EA4TD, EC4DX, EA7FTR and EC7AKV. With the help of our friend EA1ASC. Thank you for the beautiful and fun competition with other stations M2 in EU, congratulations on the results especially to EI100T (aka EI7M), OL4A, 9A7A, HG7T, DR5N, G6PZ and OH5Z for the moment. Also thank to all colleagues in EA who made the Contest, is a pleasure to meet you in any band. See you at the Next Contest. 73 de ED1R Team Run 1. FT1000MP-MKV + MKIIR + PA Run 2. FT1000MP-MKV + MKIIR + PA Mult. FT1000MP-MKV + DVS2 + PA 10M. 5 elm @ 12m + 5 elm NA @ 18m 15M. 4 elm @ 12m + 4 elm NA @ 14m 20M. 4 elm @ 16m 40M. 2 elm @ 22m + 2 elm EU @ 12m 80M. 1/4 Vertical + Radials 160M. Inv. T Vertical + Radials RX. 200m NA Beverage AUX. Hy-Gain 10-40m Vertical Stations worked 6 bands: EB8AH ES9C LY7A Stations worked 5 bands: AD4Z CN2R DA0T DK2AT DL1NKS DM4X DP6T DR1A E7DX ED9Z HB9EE HG7T KI1G LY22A LY4T LZ9W N4RV OH5Z P33W PI4DX PJ4Z S56CW SN9V SO9Q TC3C UP2L UX2U VE9AA VY2ZM WR3Z