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New England QSO Party   2017   May 6   Claimed Score

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Call: WA1Z
Operator(s): K1GQ W6PH WA1Z
Station: WA1Z

Class: M/S Mobile LP
Operating Time (hrs): 20
Location: In State/Province

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BandCW-Dig QsPh Qs
Total:9742Mults66Total Score128,700


Club: Yankee Clipper Contest Club

Comments:     [email]     2017-05-10 18:24:20
Huge thanks to K1KI for his NEQP stewardship! And thanks to everyone who followed us around this weekend! After a one year hiatus (my wife and I had an opportunity to do a multi-day hike in the Grand Canyon at this time last year that killed NEQP operations), W6PH and I hit the road again for the fifth time. This year, K1GQ joined the team making the operation a Multi-Single. As usual, Kurt did all of the driving while Bill and I alternated operating counties. Congratulations to the NZ1U Barnstormers Mobile team!!! What an incredible job putting together a brand new kind of operation! It's always fun to try something new in a contest. Station: 2008 Honda CRV Elecraft K3, 100 watts, powered from car battery Bill and I logged separately on non-networked computers. Two Hustler MO-2 54-inch masts mounted on hatchback door secured by a homebrew roof rack harness One Hustler MO-4 22-inch mast mounted on mag mount, guyed to roof rack just to add a little more security Hustler RM-model resonators and DX Engineering Capacity Hats for 80 through 15 Meters. This year, we set up a K3 on a small homebrew desk in the middle of the backseat. Bill and I sat on either side of it. We each brought our own WinKeyer and, through a Y-adapter, connected both to the K3, so that we each could transmit without having to fuss with changing cables. This made for seamless county transitions, but also made it really easy for us to accidentally hit F-keys when the _other_ guy was doing the operating. Oops. Mobile Contesting was a new experience for Bill. My goal was to make sure he operated as much or as little as he wanted. And for much of the weekend, I kept under-estimating which counties would have better rate than others and was desperately trying to line up alternating counties so Bill could experience some fun county changes. In general, I think I oversold Bill on how “exciting” county changes were going to be. I kept reminiscing about fun, 30-minute-long high rates from rare Maine counties from yesteryear that never materialized this weekend. Instead, we usually got 3 minutes of mayhem working the same 12-15 folks, then wore-out the F1 key until the next county change. Oh well… Best DX was to JA on 20. And it was a real treat having XO1X (thanks Gerry!) call in from YT. Somehow, we missed UT and WY (not enough S&Ping in 7QP) and SD. 73, Bob WA1Z