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ARRL 222 MHz and Up Distance Contest   2017   Aug 5   Claimed Score

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Call: VE3CRU/R
Operator(s): VE3CRU
Station: VE3CRU/R

Class: Rover LP
QTH: FN03/13/14/04/EN93/
Operating Time (hrs): 11
Location: MI, OH, VE3, NNY, WNY, WPA

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Total:82Total Score52,456


Club: Contest Club Ontario

Comments:     [email]     2017-08-08 07:10:52
Arriving 30 minutes early to FN03vx, I had an unexpected encounter with strong wind driven rain from the west,which blew the protective plastic enough to allow water to wet the ends of the 3456 tvtr/amp and 5760 tvtr/amp mounted on the roof. Fortunately it dried off with no ill effects. Got first 222 qso with K1RZ @ 530 km, not strong so conditions obviously were poor. Ditto next qso's with K1TEO who is usually strong and good to 1296 @ 509 km. Elevation 500 fasl. Moved to FN13ba at water's edge of Lake Ontario north shore, elev perhaps 280 fasl. Did well and had my first run with KF2MR/R to 5760 with good signals. Got K1RZ and K1TEO as high as 1296. plus N2PA on bottom 2 bands. Then up to FN14ba at 600 fasl,same results with those in past grid. On to last grid posted for the day, FN04xa which at 720 fasl has a great horizon from south through east to n-e. Another good run with those worked in past grids plus more. Some missed me in FN03vx and as I would pass it on the way home, went there next and ran with KF2MR to 3456. Sunday saw a drive to EN93wv @ 1750 fasl with a great horizon in most directions. Got 5 qso's with VE3ZV plus a run with KF2MR to 5760 and many more. I could see the tower of my closest qso to the south, VE3EU 8 km away, on 432. Got the most qso's here too, 18. Then north to EN94wf, a more challenging site as there is a hill 200 to 300 feet high a few km to the south. This site is good to W2SZ and K1TEO but K1TEO not heard and W2SZ does not do UHF contests now. Had an unexpectedly great run with KF2MR to 3456, amazed we got over the hill. Must have been ducting. 902.1 FM was picket fencing for the first time but we got the qso from persevering. This new contesting format is a breath of fresh air for many who will endorse the change, much needed. Thanks ARRL for your wisdom in implementing it. Issues associated with the previous format are now gone, especially in the category of Rovers. Looking forward to more getting on the least used bands with enough erp to work the contest, and be effective communicators. Thanks to the ARRL and its contest team, and to all who participated to give me and others points. I used Roverlog Calc for distance in miles, times 1.62 for km. Looking forward eagerly to next year. 73, Bill VE3CRU/R