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CQWW WPX Contest, SSB   2012   Mar 24   Claimed Score

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Call: IU9T
Operator(s): IT9GSF
Station: IT9GSF

Class: SOAB HP
Operating Time (hrs): 35
Location: Southern Europe

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Total:3449Prefixes1187Total Score12,211,856


Club: [none]

Comments:     [email]     2012-03-26 08:25:12
I spent all the day before the contest relaxing and preparing my body and brain for the contest. It is not a simple matter also because I am very alone in this QTH and I am a social man (not possible to remain alone for long time for me). I miss my friend Giuseppe, IT9ESW, a very good companion for contest preparation and food and beverage.... and also a good op in Multi Op efforts). After the second night (with only 5 hours of sleep in the first morning), I tried to sleep on sunday morning from 08Z to 13Z, but it wasn't possible because of adrenaline and psicological problems... I felt alone and not possible to accept this condition). I called my wife from Palermo and she was very nice to come for company (also because it is two years we live separated!). Then, at 1330Z I started the contest again but I was very tired and it was very difficult to run a pileup as the day before. Concentrated on S&P and some strategy to choose good QSO/Points rate. Also a secret weapon was discovered and it was possible to work W6/W7 with weak signals on 20 and 15 mts bands even if the bands were crowded. The secret weapon? Listen with the low bands Beverage antennas and switch them... you will be amazed by their capabilities to reduce QRM ! There were times it was not possible to ear a S9+10 european signal in the Yagi and was possible to copy a weak station from W7/W6/VE7 that were completely under the QRM on the Yagi. Next time I will have more Beverage in different directions. A secret is that they should be tuned and their lenght should be very long for the band/direction you want to cover (not exceed an acceptable lenght and not be short as they will not reject signals from other directions in that manner). About operating... I still need to improve to SO2R. But I used the second receiver of my K3 to listen to a second band. (A receiver on boyh ears - B receiver on right ear only). Then, immediately, pushing F9 in the WinTest (with a special command to swap VFOs installed with the help of N6TV) I switched to the just found multiplier frequency and worked it. My MOSFet amplifier was very important for this as it doesn't need to be tuned. Most of the times I was back on my running frequency within a minute! Thanks to friends in II9P team for their support... I am sure they will improve their station very soon. Also thanks to my good friend Saulius, LY5W, for some ideas, and Oleg YL3DW for his help in building a good antenna switch (it worked very well Oleg!). I am thinking about CW WPX.... we were first place in Europe as M/2 last year with LY2IJ, YL3DW, YL2KL and me at the operating desks. Now, thinking about it, I think of a M/S entry with maximum 3 operators... Saulius, are you ready? Best regards and thank you for your patience expecially in the second day pile ups as I was out! Best regards, Fabio - IT9GSF.