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Texas QSO Party   2017   Sep 23   Claimed Score

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Call: N5NA
Operator(s): N5NA
Station: N5NA

Class: SO CW Mobile LP
Operating Time (hrs): 17
Location: In State/Province

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BandCW QsPh QsDig Qs
Total:164200Mults106Total Score559,156


Club: Midland ARC

Comments:     [email]     2017-09-25 08:12:48
The above score includes 35000 bonus points for activating 35 counties and 1500 bonus points for working N4CD, K5OT, and W5CT each in 5 counties. With poor conditions leading up to this years TQP I didn't know what to expect. Turns out there were plenty of QSOs to be had. 40m was the money band this year with almost double the QSOs I had on 20m. Had some BIG pileups on 40m I did my best to handle. Tried 15m several times with N6MU but not a peep. This was probably one of the most trouble free QSO parties I can remember. Almost every QSO party there's at least some minor glitch with something. Everything just worked. No RF problems, no hardware problems, no software problems, and no wrong turns! I even solved an interference problem I had been having with the TPMS in my truck. Mobile Station Equipment: Elecraft K3, Scorpion SA-680, Dell Latitude D630 running CQ/X logging software, 2015 Ford F250. Thanks to everyone who called and, as always, a BIG thanks to my wife, K5AKS, for driving! Below are some statistics provided by CQ/X. County QSOs 10-Min-Rate 1st-In-Log Crockett 80 96 NY9P Reagan 67 174 W9WB Pecos 60 108 KE0TT Martin 60 150 N6MU TomGreen 59 156 NK7L Howard 59 150 K5YQF Midland 58 102 NW0M Nolan 57 114 NY9P Coke 56 156 K5YQF Sterling 55 120 W0EAR Jones 55 96 KN4Y Upton 52 132 K0HNC Borden 50 126 AE5GT Mitchell 50 144 VE5SDH Scurry 49 78 WA6KHK Hockley 49 108 N5RZ Irion 48 120 K0HNC Shackelf 48 144 WB5JID Fisher 48 156 K5YQF Glasscoc 46 168 K0AP Gaines 44 60 NW0M Schleich 43 78 VE3KZ Cochran 43 126 KB8OMG Andrews 43 132 K4BAI Taylor 43 132 W4WJ Dawson 40 78 N6MU Yoakum 38 108 K0AP Sutton 37 102 K5SBR Lubbock 37 144 WB5BKL Terry 34 108 W0VX Lynn 34 90 VE3KZ Callahan 34 144 N6MU Lamb 29 102 N6MU Bailey 28 132 W4WJ Ector 25 132 KN4Y The initial ten minute hourly rate in these counties was : Reagan(174) Glasscock(168) TomGreen(156) Coke(156) Fisher(156) Howard(150) Martin(150) Shackelford(144) Mitchell(144) Lubbock(144) Callahan(144) Taylor(132) Andrews(132) Bailey(132) Upton(132) Ector(132) Cochran(126) Borden(126) Sterling(120) Irion(120) Nolan(114) Yoakum(108) Terry(108) Pecos(108) Hockley(108) Sutton(102) Midland(102) Lamb(102) Jones(96) Crockett(96) Lynn(90) Schleicher(78) Scurry(78) Dawson(78) Gaines(60) Thanks to the following stations for contributing more than half the QSOs: N6MU(44), WB9CIF(34), VE3KZ(33), K0HNC(33), AE5GT(31), WA6KHK(31), K0AP(29), K5YQF(27), WA2VYA(27), VE5SDH(25), KB8OMG(23), N5RZ(22), N8II(22), W4WJ(21), K8FU(21), NY9P(21), W2MN(20), K5SBR(20), K5UV(20), WB5BKL(20), KE0TT(20), KN4Y(20), K4BAI(19), K5KS(19), W5TM(19), N8UM(16), KE5XX(16), WB5JID(16), N5AF(15), K5IZO(15), W9BM(15), K9IG(14), K4ZGB(14), N4CD(14), K4MM(14), W7GF(14), W2RR(14), W0TG(14), WB9HFK(14), NW0M(13)