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7th Call Area QSO Party   2017   May 6   Claimed Score

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Call: N7XU
Operator(s): K4XU
Station: N7XU

Class: M/S MobileCW LP
Operating Time (hrs): 17:42
Location: In State/Province

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BandCW QsPh QsDig Qs
Total:95700Mults64Total Score183,744


Club: Central OR DX Club

Comments:     [email]     2017-05-07 09:50:01
Drove 473 miles east to Burley ID on Friday where we stayed overnight. I'm breaking in a new driver, my skiing buddy Phil Kirk. We left on time at 6AM MDT. Operated from the hotel parking lot for a while to take care of Minidoka County but it was noisy so we went north into the country a bit. I don't know what it about gas stations, but they are at least four s-units higher than ambient. Moving back south across the Snake River, we turned west to hit Cassia and TwinFalls where we turned north, recrossed the Snake river into Jerome heading for Lincoln. At Shoshone we turned east on 26 and headed back to I84. Here it's wide open farming country with lots of slow moving implements, but very quiet. We worked our first DX: I DL OM F and JA. The rest of the trip through Idaho is mostly on I84 with side trips to Owyhee, Boise, Gem and Washington counties. On I-84 still into Oregon for a stop for fries and coffee at McDonald's in Ontario. 10 miles up Rt95 and back to hit Washington County then back into Oregon. Up I-84 through Malheur and Baker to Union, back down I-84 to Rt7. Then west up over Dixie Pass into Grant County and south at John Day (after a stop for fuel and a Blizzard at DQ) through more of Grant then into Harney. West on Rt20 into Lake and Deschutes. By then it was 7:30PM, 687 miles so far. I dropped Phil off where we parked his car at WS7N (Being operated remotely as W7CTA). From here is was solo for the rest of the contest. 20m was dead so I removed the Hustler 40/20/15 pitchfork and replaced it with a 10 foot homebrew 40m antenna. I hooked up the recorder and made a few 40m QSOs until crossing into Jefferson Co. just over the Crooked River at Peter Skene Ogden State Park. Nice quiet place to park. When 40m dried up it was time to try the new 80M monster: 11ft of carefully engineered mobility, mounted on the fender ball. 14 feet is the legal maximum in Oregon. First S&P QSO was with NR1X. It's working great. I was able to run my own frequency and break piles on new meat. This antenna replaced an 80m Hamstick which I figured had less than 2% efficiency. About 9:30PM, a spotlight shone through the back window accompanies by flashing blue and red lights. "No problem, officer, I'm just playing with my radio...." He probably just wondered what the heck that big tophat mast was sticking up off the fender. When ORJEF went dry, I changed back to the 40m antenna, reconnected the recorder and went down to Smith Rock Way and into Crook County. I don't know if anyone else had run Crook county. There was a proposed county expedition to Walden Lake on the Crook/Wheeler border, but that was probably still snowed in. Lots of activity on CW here. About 10:30PM the rate dropped to 1 per 2 minutes, time to QSY ...50 ft back up the road into Deschutes County. The last hour of the contest was spent parked with the engine running. It's 39° out. Going home, at 56mph, the as yet un-roadtested 80m antenna started into wild vibrations due to some aerodynamic instability. Okay, we go at 50mph for the 25 miles. The final tally is a new record score for me. This is the sixth time we have used this basic route. Good conditions or bad, I think it's mostly due to more participation. Even though 80m was solid to the east coast, there was little to work that way after their local midnight. The rig is a 100W TS480SAT with the control head, paddle, Winkey, GPS and laptop all mounted on a 22x17" lap desk supported by a single post and locked to the armrest. Yes, that makes it rather difficult to get in and out, but it is easy to turn it 90° so I can do single op and drive. A cheap Olympus solid state recorder is fed from a Y in the headphone line. The car is a VW Diesel Jetta. We had fun. I don't know if Phil will ever do it again, but he now knows why this is a contest. BIC time wins. Thanks to all who followed us around and see you again next year. 73, Dick K4XU and Phil.