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ARRL 10-Meter Contest   2011   Dec 10   Claimed Score

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Call: N5LZ
Operator(s): N5LZ
Station: N5LZ

Class: SO CW HP
QTH: Utah
Operating Time (hrs): 22
Location: USA

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Total:1482109Total Score646,152


Club: Utah DX Association

Comments:     [email]     2011-12-11 18:50:15
It’s nice to have 10M back. I logged all the US/VE mults except Wyoming, Labrador, and Nunavut. During one run I heard stations calling KO7X as I guess Al and I were on the same frequency. I wonder how many of HIS contacts got into MY log and vice versa? Would be interesting to compare our logs during that segment. I worked only four Mexican mults. Last year I thought that rule change was a bad idea, and after this year I am thoroughly convinced of it. There were many high points. Too many to mention. Great fun. But I did lose at least three multipliers because I was unable to copy the serial number or exchange. (CT3, DV1/JA something, and XE2GG). The DV1 and XE2 just faded, but the worst case was a very loud and very slow KC2 calling at the same time as the CT3, and he kept calling and calling while I was trying to get the CT3 serial number. After asking the CT3 for 3 or 4 repeats he finally just gave up and left. I suppose that I would have done the same thing. I'm sure the KC2 still clueless about what he did to me.