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CQ Worldwide VHF Contest   2017   Jul 15   Claimed Score

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Call: W3SO
Station: W3SO

Class: Multi-Op HP
Operating Time (hrs): 20
Location: USA

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Total:396165Total Score90,090


Club: Potomac Valley Radio Club

Comments:     [email]     2017-07-17 10:56:10
Where was everyone? Fabulous conditions on Saturday :-), with no one to work :-( 6m had Eskip out to the "water grids on the west coast" from WPA (FN00). 2m had good tropo: Several grids in MO and MS/AL border, in addition to the usual crowd. Though 6m was totally open on Saturday mostly SW and WSW from our mountain perch in WPA, there simply wasn't anyone out there to work; it got a bit better after ~2300Z, but without an opening to FL, runs were few and very short. For a while it seemed to be a WPX style contest: Every other QSO was a multiplier (new grid); only due to working locals on Sunday did the QSO / GRID ratio become a little more than 2.0. Sunday, on the other hand, s*cked as the younger generation would say: NO Eskip, NO tropo, NO one to work. 2m worked FN53 - an almost total water grid in ME - for perhaps the first time from W3SO. Lots of FT8 activity which we don't (YET) do at W3SO. More CW activity than usual, probably due to HF contesters using the 6m built into their modern HF rigs. (But N2IC in NM called in on SSB!). As noted, much of the opening was to the SW (W5s) and WSW (W7s and and some W6s in southern CA), but suddenly out of the noise up popped Cary, VE4EAR, in MB. We had a "newbie" ham / contest op, Kevin, with brand new W3XOX call, do a lot of 2m operating, especially on Sunday. Bob, w3idt for the Wopsononock Mountaintop Operators, W3SO