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Stew Perry Topband Challenge   2017   Dec 30   Claimed Score

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Call: VE3VN
Operator(s): VE3VN
Station: VE3VN

Class: Single Op QRP
Operating Time (hrs):
Location: Canada

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Total:QSOs179Total Score1,461


Club: Contest Club Ontario

Comments:     [email]     2017-12-31 16:08:02
Well, that was interesting. I've never operated the Stew Perry contest before and the rules intrigued me. I saw an opportunity to see what my new antenna could do while giving a few "lucky" people a QRP bonus. So I blew the dust off my KX3 and hooked it up a little before the start of the RAC contest. When 00Z rolled around I moved a few cables and was up and running on 160m with 5 watts. QRP on 160 is tough. Both for me & those trying to copy me. There are only so many ways one can try to make copy easier for those making the effort. Some never did hear me despite being very strong here. Yet I worked many with quite weak signals. I made every attempt to work the furthest stations to earn distance points, for me and for them. Sometimes it worked, though most often it did not. The toughest area to work was the west coast. I worked no CN or CM grids. There seemed to be a brick wall running from west border of Arizona up through Idaho. Working south and east was at least possible although still difficult. I would keep returning to stations that couldn't copy me hoping I'd eventually get lucky. Going south I had only a little difficulty working NP2X and NP2J. It took four tries until PJ2T could pull me through. I then turned my attention to Europe. All evening the band was full of good strong signals from Europe tempting me, though to no avail. I was patient. By around midnight signals seems to rise an S-unit and I had my chance. First in the log was TM6M. From there I worked across the continent. By the points my furthest contact was SN7Q, with S59A and HG8DX almost as far. I even got a partial copy by a Russian station. That I consider an accomplishment despite not logging a QSO. Then I'd had enough of the struggle and shut down for the night. Perhaps I missed out on more DX. I got up a little before dawn to see if I could have more luck to W6/7. But the same stations I'd called the previous evening still couldn't copy me. After working another QRPer who was running I decided to try that, too. My one attempt in the evening netted nothing. This time I had quite a nice run, drawing in stations from as far as DN (Colorado). Overall it was a lot of fun. Better to be indoors contesting than dealing with the frigid outdoors. See you in CQ 160. But not with QRP!