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ARRL September VHF Contest   2017   Sep 9   Claimed Score

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Call: K2EZ/R
Operator(s): K2EZ
Station: K2EZ/R

Class: Limited Rover LP
Operating Time (hrs): 29

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Total:42376Total Score45,828


Club: [none]

Comments:     [email]     2017-09-11 23:45:03
I suspected it would hurt my score, but did it anyway and opted to depart from the successful pattern of my January and June roves. This time I decided to start in New England and end up near home to save the 5 to 6 hour dead head home after the contest. This change also gave me opportunity to catch a bit of the Boxboro convention that was just an hour north of my start point in FN43. My best way to describe conditions were simply....odd. The bands weren't noisy and there didn't seem to be high ground losses that I seen other times weakening 6m relative to 2m. At the same time there was little sign of any of the enhancement that could usually be expected. There may have been a bit enhancement on 1.25 and 70cm but no openings for me at least. What seemed to happen was conditions were very balanced. I went thru most of the contest with the essentially the same number of multipliers on all four bands. It might shift for a short bit and then balance out again. There was zero sign of the sort of enhancements that result in 6 and 2 getting a bit more reach. I did wonder if part of the problem getting more distant stations was a result of a continued rise of digital modes and coordinating online. Both things not really available to me in the rover. FT8 seemed to be the one everyone was talking about. Hardly heard mention of MSK144 which was the big one earlier in the year. I did hear that there was some good enhancement between the Midwest and some points west of me, but just didn't extend to where I was. I generally heard stations in New England complaining how low activity was while others further south were talking about how busy they were. My decision to start in New England cost me some very productive time that I had experienced in FN21 in the January and June contests. New England was pretty dry as others had complained and by the time I got to FN21 there wasn't much activity so my QSO count for that grid was down by nearly 70 Qs. Early morning Sunday when in FN10 I caught up with K0BAK/R who was headed out and he was kind enough to make a detour to re-visit FN11 to give me four mults I would otherwise have not gotten plus QSOs with him from that grid and one other. Later Sunday when I was getting ready to leave my FM19 spot two rovers, K8GP/R and WA3PTV/R, rolled into the site on each other's heels resulting in an un-planned three way rover rendezvous. None of us had worked each other within that grid so we spent some time having a QSO fest. A fourth rover not with us was close and all four of us worked each other thru all our bands. I appreciate K8GP/R taking the lead to help keep some order to all the potential chaos. I left the site to them two and went down the hill a bit to get clear of their strong local signals. I made my final Qs there about 250 miles out into Ohio working K8TQK on the bottom three bands. They weren't particularly difficult once I drove around a bit trying to peak his signal. For some reason I got him best about 300 ft down from the summit. I was somewhat disappointed at the multiplier situation. I came really close to getting no multipliers at all from two of the thirteen grids I activated. Fortunately between K0BAK's detour as mentioned earlier got me all four mults for FN11 and I finally caught WB2JAY for all FN30 mults. To give an idea how bad this was, NYC is FN30 and I had direct eyeball view from three grids. Not one FM contact. This was in part due to bad timing. Had I started in NJ like I did in January and June I probably would have locked those mults in the first hour. While the Q count was down from previous roves at only 423 Qs, given the timing issues which I expected to hurt me, and the other complaints I heard, I am fairly satisfied.