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ARRL DX Contest, SSB   2010   Mar 6   Claimed Score

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Call: PI4TUE
Operator(s): ON9CC PC5A PE2HD
Station: PI4TUE

Class: M/S HP
Operating Time (hrs): 33
Location: Northern Europe

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Total:1675193Total Score969,825


Club: Bavarian Contest Club

Comments:     [email]     2010-03-12 13:39:25
TRX: TenTec Orion I Amp: ACOM 1000, Henry Ant: 2 sloping vertical's @250ft 80M horizontal full size loop HF2V (40M) SteppIR (3 ele, 20/15/10) After our personal record breaking score in ARRLDX CW we hoped to top that in the SSB part. One of the Op's canceled due to illness so we were with 3. The first night went as expected, good runs on the 3 low bands where 40M was best. Peak hour was from 04-05Z with 102 Q's on 80M. Last station worked was WD8CQB just after 08Z (only 400Q's in the log so far...) In the CW part we could work stations until much later where we seamlessly moved from 40M to 20M. In the SSB part we had a gap from 8-10Z. First station to work on 20M was VY2TT followed by the first US station K3LR, a half hour later KM1W. 15M never opened up nicely (sunday was even worse) so it was back on 20M a lot. Peak hour there was 20-21Z with 118Q's. We stopped on 20M around 22Z (1090Q's in the log). This was definitely not going to become a better score that the CW part. QSO rates dropped to < 10 on 40&80M. So we decided to take a 4 hour break. From 04:00Z until 7 QSO rates were still low (~30), but still 40 new QSO's on 160M without any proper RX antenna was not too bad... ;-). Around 10:30Z the first station on 20M was worked (VO1BBN), then another hour of silence until K5ZD was workable. The rest of the afternoon we spent on 15 and 20M but QSO rates remained low. An amazing uplift happend from 20-21Z on 20M: 131 QSO's, followed by another 89 the next hour, after which we decided to stop and head home. Surprisingly we made quite some 5 band QSO's, I'm sure some could have become even 6 band QSO's if 10M would have opened...: K0TV,K1LZ,K1TO,K1TTT,K2AX,K3CR,K3LR,K3TC,K3WW,K5ZD,K8PO,K9RS,KB1H,KC1XX,KM1W,N1LN,NC1I,NE3F,NN2W,VY2ZM,W1BV,W1QK,W2IRT,W3LPL,W4MYA,W4RM,W5RU,WA3EKL,WE3C. The audio clippings are available upon request or will be on line after the final log submission date. Best 73, -- Aurelio, PC5A