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CQMM DX Contest   2017   Apr 15   Claimed Score

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Call: K7AZT
Operator(s): K7AZT
Station: K7AZT

Class: SOSB/40 LP
QTH: Tucson
Operating Time (hrs):
Location: USA

Summary:   Compare Scores
Total:90Countries5Total Score125


Club: Arizona Outlaws Contest Club

Comments:     [email]     2017-04-17 10:13:42
Operated about 30 minutes total. Band conditions lousy. Very few stations on, and even fewer working MM. Unsure how to count prefixes. N1MM Pfx score was 0 but Pfx column showed 5 and Wpx showed 8. Wasn't going to log the contest but AOCC called for reports today so here it is.